Thursday, July 4, 2013

My 28th birthday 5/10

I was spoiled this year for sure! Kev had to work, but it was still perfect.  I woke up to all this on the table!  I wanted to cry, so sweet! Z and I worked a shift in the morning, I worked out, came back and did school work and then we went to Rumbi's for dinner.  Afterwards, we dropped Z off at our friends/neighbors and went to the movies to see Iron Man 3! She did really good (and so did I) :)  Kev got me workout shirt and pants, rainbow sandals, flowers and for Mother's Day I got a new pillow! I always got cheap pillows that ended up being flat after a month, so Kev surprised me with the perfect down pillow and I LOVE it! Thanks for an amazing birthday Kev! I love you and I love being 28!

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