Friday, May 17, 2013

My 16 month old

Another month is gone! Can not believe it's already May!! Zealynn is getting so much personality and is so smart, it's hilarious.
- At 15 1/2 months, she started signing colors! Red, Orange, and White were her first colors.  We were reading a color book and I asked her what color it was and she signed it!  Kev and I were freaking out. lol
- Her new signs are: strawberry, nice, clean, orange, blue, white, red, pink, sad, laugh, happy, tree, hurt, help me, pig, grandma, grandpa, clothes, doll, sleep (she's been signing that since 13 months)   She learned Jesus at 15 months.
- You love to "talk".  It's hilarious.  Every now and then you'll say an actual word.  One day we were sitting around the table and you were showing Uncle Bryan and Tyler your signs.  I asked what "happy" was and you signed it and said it! It was so clear and so cute.  We keep saying it hoping you'll say it again, but nope!  (That was on 4/18) You also started saying "Jesus" when you sign it.  It's really cute.  So your first words were "Dog", "Ma", "Dada", "baby", "Happy", "Jesus" and now you say "ball" a lot too. You are trying to say "shoes" and "Grandpa" or "papa"
- You are a class clown already.  I teach the 4-7 year old sunday school class and you come sometimes. You try to make the class laugh and do silly things to get their attention.  We're going to have to work on that before you get to school!
- You love people, especially when those people are kids and even more so when they are babies.  You are obsessed with babies.  You hug them all the time and lay in their lap at kid care.
- You put your finger in front of your mouth and say "shh" when you see someone is sleeping.
- You scream.  Happy screams, mad screams, "get away from me" screams.  Those "get away from me" screams usually come at kid care because kids seem to follow you EVERYWHERE and sometimes I think you want your space so I don't blame you.  I'm trying to teach you especially to not scream at me or anyone else if you don't want something.
- You still love to be outside and especially love the park.  I'm amazed at what you are capable physically.  Maybe it's just because I'm a proud mama but I swear you are above when it comes to anything physical.  When we go to the park, you always want to go on the big kids park.  You start climbing things you've never done before (rope ladders, twisty ladders, etc.) and you go up it fast and I can see your brain moving of what to do next.
- You are a thinker before you do anything.  You get this from your dad. I'm more of a "wing it" kind of person.  You strategically plan when you are going to jump off something or climb it, or anything.  It's amazing because when you do that, you never get hurt.
- You LOVE to RUN.  We walk to work and sometimes I don't have the stroller and sometimes when I do, you still just want out and want to push it or run next to it.  And when you don't want to anymore, you sit down or come to me with arms up for me to pick you up.
- You always pat the back when you hug. I love it.  If you got hurt and I pick you up, you pat my back before I pat yours.
- You are a BIG TIME cuddler.  I absolutely love this.  Sometimes you will stop what you are doing if I am laying on the ground to come and lay on me and hug me.  We cuddle every night before going to bed or during your naps.
- You were sleeping amazing, but then those teeth started coming again.  You have all of your pre molars, but I think you might be getting some molars.  not sure because you had the signs a lot a couple weeks ago, but now you at least started eating again.  So you wake up once and we cuddle.  I'm okay with that. I'll cuddle you when I can. :) You still sleep 10-12 hours and will wake up once.
-Every now and then you won't take a nap. WHAT?! I was freaking out when 2 days in a row you didn't want to take a nap.  And I personally don't have 2 hours to try to get you to sleep.  You usually are really happy still so that's probably why I don't push it so much.
- You pick up all the crumbs off the floor and bring them to me.
- You are a little tupperware queen.  I mean, really.  It's insane.  You line everything up in the most random places.  It's hilarious.  I take pictures almost everyday of what I find.  I use to put them away during your nap time, but now I just leave it for you.  It's a sweet reminder of just how sweet you are. this also includes any plates, utensils, bottles, anything you could find.
- You love collecting things on our walks.  We walk around the block everyday without a stroller just to move your legs and practice running and walking and coordination.  You pick dandelions and will hold them and your rocks you find along the way.  It's funny when you try signing grass or leaves or birds with all those things in your hands. :)
- You love kitchens and baby dolls.
- You do not like snails.  haha. Maybe because I try putting them on you or have you hold them.  So excited to show you a worm when they come! :) You did try picking up a spider though.
- When you concentrate, your tongue comes out, just like your dad's.
- At 15 months, you were 21 1/2 lbs, 32 inches (i think?).  You are always 90th% in height and 20th% in weight.
- You love getting on my back.  You lay down on my back and hold on tight and we do push ups.  You love it.
-Daddy does all sorts of fun tricks with you.  You love doing airplane and being thrown in the air.
- You swing on everything.  It is your "signature" I guess you could say.  You love to hold onto things and pull your legs up.  You do it on Daddy's pull up bar all the time, he puts you on the bball rim, you love the monkey bars (since 14 months) and your new thing is swinging on the table.  you grip it with your hands and swing.  It's crazy how good you are at it.  You always say "wee" and when you are down you clap.
- You get frustrated if you can't open something or do something.  It's pretty funny actually because of how cute it is.  We're trying to teach you to not scream at it but just say "help me please".  It usually works.
- You laugh when we get what you want.  It's so funny.  I'll ask if you are hungry and then ask her if she wants various things (that I don't know signs too...mac n cheese, nutrigrain, etc.)  When I show her something and she starts laughing, that's how I know she wants it.
- You smile at the most random things.  You just walk around the house with your hands behind your back and just have a cheesy grin on your face. i love it.
- Youstill love to dance and are really good at it.  We're trying different moves and now you stomp your feet and turn in circles.  Your eyes get a crazy cross eyes look when you go in circles and you get really hyper.
- you are very ticklish and i love grabbing you with my mouth on your ribs and under your arm.  You laugh hysterically and always sign "more" when I stop.
- you walk down the stairs, but we try to still have you sit on your bum to go down.  when you do that, every step is "oh" or "oo" when you go down.
- Your still the same. lol I love it. it makes it so easy to do!  there are some long pieces (like 5 strands behind the ear) that blow in the breeze.
- You love hats, not so much bows.  You will pick out what hat you want to wear. I need to get you some more. I love you in them.
- you love shoes and will try putting anyone's on.
- when you get hurt if I am there you will always go looking for daddy.  it's like she's mad at me for getting hurt and i couldn't do something about it so she's calling for daddy to console her.  if kev is with her, she'll come to me.
- You LOVe giving kisses.  You will be playing and stop everything and point to your mouth with a pucker and go up to us and make a "hmm" noise like "hey, kiss this!" we stop everything and kiss you of course!! You try kissing people at kid care, especially the 5 month old babies.  lol

well that's all for now! baby girl will always be my baby no matter what new "thing" she can do.  MAN I LOVE HER!!!!!!!

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