Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Last of Cali...

After the sleep over Tues night, we headed out to Balboa beach on Wed morning.  It was such a perfect day.  I wanted to first show Z a snail.  haha..she's never seen one before and I wanted to put it on her arm, but she wasn't having it.  lol 
 LOVE Balboa beach! Park and the beach? Z was in heaven.
 The weather was perfect and Z was so content just filling the bucket with sand and I was in love with just watching her.

 Jenn and Carter
 She didn't move from this spot for at least an hour.

 Sand doesn't taste too good huh? lol
 11 of the 14 grandkids...
 Z had her first ice cream cone
 And looks like she was ice cream wasted
 Thurs I met up with one of my best friends from high school, India.  The last time I saw her was at my baby shower, so it was so good to see her and her "baby" boy Vittorie who will be 2 in May! Z had so much fun with him.  At the park again....
 India and I were dying.  So stinkin cute
 Feeding each other...lol

 Friday the 5th we went swimming again at my mom and dad's and cousins came over!  LOVE this pic of Jenn and Z
 And how ridiculously cute is this picture?! They are a little over a year apart and wear the same diapers. :)  Z was in love with her baby cousin Oliver!
Z and I were able to hitch a ride with my sis and her 5 kids! Z had a couple melt downs, but they were all understandable for having a full diaper :).  Thank goodness for baby signing times and the ipad.  (that's the only thing she's really into right now even tho my sis had a dvd player for all the other kids) :)

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April Aleman said...

Next time you are down let's get together with maybe Jill too. She lives in Eastvale so we could meet there or something. BTW, do you like how I'm totally including her without asking? hahahahahaha