Thursday, April 18, 2013

yep..more cali :) 4/1

Kev had to get back to Utah on Monday (he started a new job on Tues 4/2, yay!!!) I was able to stay until that sat to drive back with my sister on the 6th. Zealynn is obsessed with parks.  LOVES slides (big and small) and could be here for hours.  The weather is slowly starting to get nice in Utah, so I'm sure we'll be doing this everyday.  In Cali we stopped by the park at least for an hour a day.  

 Z and her cousin Ryker
 She was trying to climb on this poll and slide down on it saying "Wee" lol
 It's so nice that my parents have a pool.  The water was really cold though, so we didn't totally get in, but dipping the feet in was nice. :) Z does not like bows, but she sure does love hats, which can sometimes be better! If her hat falls off, she will always put it back on.  I put this one at the store on her and she was running around everywhere laughing with it on so I had to get it! :)

 I love baby squats
 On Tues, April 2nd, we had a gender reveal party for my sis Jenn!! She is pregnant with her 3rd.  She always does cute things when she finds out what she's having. (don't know how she could wait!) Those that thought it was going to be a boy wore blue, girl wore pink.  Z wore both because Kev thought it was a boy, I thought it was a girl.

I love my mom and sisters!!
 Jenn took an envelope with the gender and gave it to a florist place with the box and they would place whatever it was in pink or blue balloons. It was such a cute way to find out.

 A BOY!!
 REALLY?! ANOTHER BOY!?  I was so certain it was a girl, but I don't know why. We only have 3 girls in our family and this will be the 12th boy!! All of the boy cousins were going crazy! lol All of the first borns of my sisters were girls...hence 3 girls.  If I go in the same pattern as my sisters, Z was my only chance for a girl! :)
 That night, 11 of the 14 grandkids spent the night at my sisters.  It was so fun and I think the kids love it.  We had an awesome dance party that my sis recorded.  HILARIOUS.  My sis and sis in law just hung out and talked which was really nice! :)

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