Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Playing at the park- March 2013

It got REALLY warm in March and we were so excited to get outside! We go on daily walks and Z just explores, signing "leaf", "bird", "ball", "dog", "grass."  It is quite entertaining to see everything she sees.  We have a little swing set in the backyard, but there is also a elementary near by, so we went there to hang out.  Zealynn was loving it, and so were we!  She started this new trick.  Kev has a pull up bar in our room and she always wants to hang on it.  Well, she wanted to hang on the monkey bars.  It was hilarious.  I'll have to post the video soon.  The video is of her hanging on the monkey bars for 12 seconds!  A couple weeks ago she got up to 37 seconds and the last 5 seconds she was holding on with one arm.  She is so strong! We couldn't stop laughing because she was loving it too. :)  
 Had to post this first pic....qtips and cotton balls are constantly all over our floor.  She has fun with them, so I let her do what she wants with them and then she helps me pick them up.  this pic cracks me up.
 Here's the first day out from the freezing cold! And no jacket!
 She's signing "grapes" since I was eating them and asked if she wanted some.
 Loved picking up rocks and putting them in the cup
 a new day in our backyard.

 She was so cute just sitting and filling the cup
We are SO excited for this summer.  We love going to the parks when it's warm out, but even when it's not, she stands by the door just waiting to go outside.


Rick and Kori said...

How amazing that she can hold on that long! I want to see the video :) I wish it were warm enough here that we could go to the park!

Heidi Broberg said...

SO cute and BIG.

And great on the recipes, at least I know one person will love them and check weekly.