Sunday, March 17, 2013

I love my 14 month old...

- when you find a book you want to read and sit down anywhere (we could be at a store or somewhere random) and you read it; looking at all the pictures and all their detail. And then you get up and bring it to me to read it to you.
- when you get frustrated because you can't pick up a box twice as big as you, but some how you still manage to eventually pick it up.
- watching you fall to the floor and lay on the ground and just look up and kick your legs in the air.
- when you look at your reflection in the trash can.
- when you laugh hysterically when we laugh...if we fake laugh, you laugh.
- your smile is contagious.  it's so beautiful.
- you have 4 molars coming in at once.  The first 6 teeth didn't effect you the way these molars are!  You have a complete loss of appetite and just want to drink milk. (you are getting a little better at eating more) Your bowels sure are working, and luckily you are still sleeping really well. (update:NOT sleeping so well with a cough and teething. After 5 days of waking up throughout the night, last night she slept the WHOLE time...hopefully things are back to normal) I also think I see another bottom front right tooth coming in
-you sleep VERY good. (hope I didn't jinx myself!)  Every night we feed you a snack right before you go to bed, you have a drink and I say/sign, "sleep" and you walk to your room.  we read a couple books and turn the lights off and we cuddle til you fall asleep.  It's one of my favorite times putting you to sleep.  It usually takes 10 minutes or so of me singing to you and rubbing your back, but some nights you can't get comfortable and move around a lot so I just put you down in the crib and and rub your belly or back and you will fall asleep.  You sleep the entire night (usually 10-12 hours).  I know some people say "just put your kid in bed", but Kev and I love that time that we have to cuddle with her, so we're going to cuddle until she's over it.  And since she is sleeping so well...we're going to keep doing what we are doing. :) (update....teething and a cold is NOT helping you sleep well!)
- when you drink from your sippy cup.  You get in the zone and suck the heck out of it.
- You are a very coordinated one year old.  I'm not just saying this because you are my daughter, everyone that sees you is amazed at how well you run/walk and climb. Just recently we took you to a park and Daddy put you on the monkey bars.  You held on for about 12 seconds.  We were amazed that you could hold yourself on the bar for that long! Pretty soon you'll be doing pull ups!
- you LOVE to climb.  We have to really watch you now because you love climbing on our chair to climb to the dance on it. lol.  At work (kids care at the gym), you love climbing on the kids chairs to get on the tables.
- you pick up the stools at work (which are just about as big as you) and bring it to the drinking fountain to play in the water.  You think it's fun and get mad when I take it away and move you from the fountain.
-you throw mini tantrums that Kev and I laugh at it. it's so funny, but you are crazy.  You'll run to a wall or door or anything and hit your head on it and then do a fake cry to us. When you are really mad, you'll fall to the floor on your back and kick your legs.  we just kind of ignore you til you've calmed down which is usually pretty quick.
-you love taking the tupperware out and finding the lid (which i find it amazing that you know which lid is the right one, not all the time, but some times you specifically look for the right lid).  You also love putting spoons in the sippy cup.  You balance the cup and then put the spoon in it.  When you can't quite get it, you get frustrated and swat the cup out of the way and then pick it up to try again.  It's pretty funny.
-you LOVE being naked.  You learned how to take your diaper off!  We think it's hilarious and sometimes just let you roam (or run) free.  I usually take your clothes off right before the bath and tell her to run to the bath and you sprint.  you have the cutest little bum. lol
-Your hand/eye coordination is amazing.  You have learned to put a string through a hole just by seeing me do it one day.  You can spend a really long time trying to do it and you always clap when you are done.  You also put the charger in the computer and clap when it's in.
- You are sure becoming one smarty pants! You know where your hair, eyes, ears, nose, toes and fingers are. When I ask you what a "cow" says you say "mmmm" (moo), "pig" you move your nose trying to snort, and "dog" you bark.
- You are picking up on sign language VERY fast now.  You absolutely LOVE baby signing times, which makes it easy to get ready or clean the house real quick. You are 14 months and sign the following constantly: dog, cat, horse, orange, apple, banana, pear, bread, milk, water, drink, eat, more, please, thank you, all done, bath, diaper, cracker, mom, dad, shoes, socks, car, grapes, cheese, baby, book, telephone, ball, wash hands, brush teeth, sleep, hot, cold, no, frog, duck, bird, grass and leaf.  You will copy the following with the signing time videos: airplane, happy, nice, yes.
-  I love watching you do a new sign.  It's so cute to see you "get it".  The other day we went walking and you saw a leaf on the floor and you looked at it and started signing it. You did the same thing when you walked on the grass.  And then we came across a couple ducks walking in the neighborhood and you started signing that.  The other day you were out of the bath tub and my hands were cold.  You were just in a diaper and I put my hand on your stomach and you stopped everything and signed "cold".  Daddy and I were busting up laughing.  You love stinking your hand in our ice water at restaurants or getting the ice from a cup and always sign "cold" when you do. The other day we were outside walking to the park.  Zealynn was really hyper and I asked/signed if she was happy and she signed "happy" and started laughing.  It was so cute!
- You say "mam", "da", "dog" and I think you are on your way to saying "milk." You have also been saying "this" lately to everything.  Not sure if it's really saying "this" but everytime you pick up something you always say "this".
- Whenever you drop something you say "oh".
- You love to blow your nose.  You have a cold right now and a big time running nose (between teething and cold it's A LOT) and we'll say "blow your nose Z" and she'll keep blowing it until I get a tissue (or she finds something to wipe it on so we have to be quick).  If she sees a tissue she picks it up and blows into it.
- Your favorite foods (but some days you want a break from it): peas, beans, pears, bananas, NUTRIGRAIN bars, applesauce, milk, muffin, bread, eggs, pancakes, avocados, broccoli, chicken enchiladas, bean burritos, sweet potatoes, and sometimes kiwi. Now that you are teething, all you want it milk now.
- You pray and it is so cute.  You fold your arms and say some kind of gibberish.  If you let go we say, "keep folding your arms" so she'll start folding again and then when we say "amen" she gets excited and takes her hands apart.
- You LOVE to dance. I mean...REALLY love to dance.  To the point that if we are in the grocery store and you hear the music, you want out so you can stand and dance. It's pretty hilarious.  I guess those dance parties we have are making you happy so we'll keep doing it...I love it too. :)
- You LOVE rocks.  I mean REALLY love them.  We went to the park one day and you sat in the rock pit for 30 minutes putting them in daddy's hand or in a cup and then dumping them out and starting over again.  When we go on a walk (lately every day and night since it's been SO nice!) you stop to pick up every little rock and give it to me to hold.
- When you get hyper you run around crazy.  If you are hyper on the bed or with a pillow near by, you will bang your head on the bed/pillow.  It's so funny and you look crazy but you start laughing because you think it's funny.
- You love going through the drawers.  Your favorite thing is garbage bags, cotton balls, sandwhich bags, toilet paper, tampons and qtips.  They are constantly ALL over our house.
- You are a very chill and happy baby, so these emotions while you are teething and sick is very different for me.  THe other day you were tired, wouldn't eat anything and kept whining.  I felt bad that I wasn't as patient with u as i wanted to be so I had to put you down in th crib.  You fell asleep after 10 minutes of crying and were  a lot happier when you woke up. phew!
- You LOVE dogs. I mean REALLY LOVE dogs.  If you hear any kind of bark you stop everything to find that dog.  You will run up to dogs on our walks and one time you fell asleep and woke up to a dog barked back and fell back to sleep.
- You are SO sweet.  Daddy and I LOVE your hugs and kisses.  You wrap your arms around me and put your forehead to mine or hold my cheeks.  It's something I will never forget.  We love your open mouth kisses but we also love your "fish kisses."  You love making a fish face and if you make it back, she will ALWAYS kiss you.  It's like she can't resist it.  You can say "Z can I have a kiss?" and she'll shake her head no and run away, but then you say "fish kiss?" and give her a "fish face" and she'll run back to kiss you.  We LOVE it! :)
- You LOVE people.  If anyone's laughing, you'll always laugh.  If anyone is screaming, you'll scream back.  You laugh when we scare you.
- You love trying to put clothes, socks, shoes or hats on.  You will try for a very long time to do it by yourself and every now and then you'll get one leg in your pants.  :) You love dress up and will grab me a costume at work and have me put it on you.

Anyway...that's just a few things I wanted to remember so far about our love.  She's constantly learning and growing and we love that we get to experience that with her.  She melts our hearts and we can't get enough from her.   We're so excited for this summer and all these months to come! We're going to have so much fun learning from her!!

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