Saturday, March 9, 2013

Snowboarding 2/28/13

Kev and I have been itching to go snowboarding.  Between work, finances, time, and a babysitter, we couldn't do as much as we would've liked.  HOWEVER we did get one awesome time in before the end of the season.  For those of you that don't know, Kev and my first date was snowboarding at Beaver Mtn in Logan, snowboarding has always been something special for us to do.  It's because of snowboarding (I broke my wrist on a jump and had surgery) that I fell in love with Kev (After he took car of me for quite sometime).  Anyway...we went to a Warren Miller film last year (it was our first date without the babe) and we had a free ski day at the Canyons.  I was so happy to be able to spend the day with Kev.  He looked even hotter than he did on our first date :).  Thanks to our dear friend Brittany, Zealynn had an awesome time with her and her 11 month old Chase.  ( awesome that she didn't nap until we picked her up at 5pm).

As you can see it was brighter than heck.  

After we were done boarding, we went to The Drafts.  Luckily it was good because the service was AWFUL! I mean....THE WORST!!! I couldn't believe it.  We ordered ONE burger and fries and it took an hour.  and we got ONE refill. AFTER we asked. At least they gave us a $5 discount so we got something good from it (plus, we got to watch a lot of youtube while we waited)

 And here's a pic I got...Zealynn obviously was having a hay day with this cute little guy! (wrestling over the dish rag) :) And no..i don't know where she learned that move! lol

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