Friday, March 1, 2013

Valentine's Day in Roosevelt 2/13-2/16

Kev and I headed out to Roosevelt Wed Feb 13th to Sat. Feb 16th.  It was Bruce's birthday on the 16th so we thought we would go out there earlier since Wed  starts kev's weekend....We had so much fun as usual.  My sis got Zealynn this cutest little heart skirt for her birthday. She loves wearing it and she looks SO cute in it!
 Random pic of her watching Signing Times.  She's in the zone. lol

 Z and daddy's hat

 She loves climbing EVERYTHING.  Chairs...and lately tables...couches....she's our little dare devil.

 She sucks in her cheeks all the time and always gives this pouty face.  And yes...I do kiss those lips EVERYTIME she does this (which is very often!)

 That night Kev and I went to the movies.  BEST VDAY ever! lol.  I haven't been to the movies since Zealynn was 5 months old so going with just me and Kev was definitely a treat.  We saw Safe Heaven....definitely would go see it again! Loved it!! Thanks Grandma and Grandpa Todd for watching Z! :)


The Ward Family said...

She looks so old. Looking like a toddler and no more baby!

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