Thursday, February 28, 2013

Building with Daddy 2/10/13

Kev brought home some crates.  He said he wanted to build with them.  So one day when it was warm out, Kev got creative.  Me and Z watched inside and she was pretty upset that he got to be outside and we had to stay in.  So I loaded her with clothes (hence the awesome outfit) and we went outside.  All she wanted to do was help Daddy with the hammer.  She would pick up her own hammer and go to town on the crate. We were proud. :)
 This face! lol. Loves looking at herself on the phone.

Doing a little dance before Daddy puts the top on...

 Here's the masterpiece!! Kev just thought of it in his head!  I thought he did AWESOME!!!


The Ward Family said...

He did a great job!! She looks so cute hammering!

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