Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Setting up the Christmas tree 12/8/12

So I forgot to post these.. this was the beginning of December when we went shopping for a Christmas tree.  We absolutely love the fresh christmas trees!!  This year, it was snowing and freezing.  Luckily we went to a grocerry store, kev jumped out, found one and they put it up on the roof.  We didn't even have to get out and it took like 5 minutes! Z sure did look cute sitting in her car seat though.  I had to take pictures.  These shoes and pea coat kill me!! She looks like the first lady in it or osmething!  Too bad the TOMS stiching came off 5 days later, so i'll have to get some others.  I have been obsessed with these forever!

 Here's some videos of Z....this is when we were teaching her Frankenstein.  lol she would do it for awhile.
 Oh I love this walking babe!

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