Thursday, January 3, 2013

Santa Pics/1 year pics (12/20/12)

I saw my friend took her kids to get Santa pics done and I fell in love with these. I wanted to get Zealynn's one year pics done, but I also wanted to get her pics with Santa so thought this was perfect (and cost effective!)  So on the day before she was born we went to Thanksgiving point, took pics for 5 minutes and they edited them and sent us on our way.  Plus, Z wasn't too thrilled when she saw Santa.  (which I did want some crying pics that mean? lol) but instead, Kev dressed up as Santa so it wasn't as scary.  As you can see in these pics...she was a lot more relaxed.  I love these so much!

 I flashed her favorite dog behind the camera and this is her face she makes when she sees a dog. :)

 and this one...

 I love how she's looking at him!
 Hugging daddy's leg (or Santas)

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