Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Random pics

Kev turned 30 on November 30th!  I wanted to have a surprise birthday party but he had to go to California that weekend so we just kept it simple and went to Este's Pizzeria.  (The BEST PIZZA IN THE WORLD!)
 We went to Kev's cousin's wedding reception.  Zealynn had a blast.  They had a dance floor and Z could not get off it!  She was dancing like crazy and our baby has the moves! Everyone couldn't stop looking at her and she was in her own world.  She was on the dance floor for about 30 minutes.  Here she is with Grandpa Todd and Uncle Greg and his grandsons.
 Z and Uncle Greg and Ryder.  Ryder and Z are 2 months apart.
 Grandma Todd and Z
 Over Thanksgiving, we went shopping in California and we went to see Santa!! She actually did a lot better than I thought she would.  She just turned 11 months 12 months...she wasn't too sure about Santa (more on that later) :)

 Z loves are some of her favorites!! Kev put a cookie in his mouth when he was holding Zealynn. She immediately dove for the cookie.  It was so funny.  We rarely give her sweets, but she knows where they are! I think she's going to be like her daddy....obsessed with sugar! And now since her birthday...I swear she can smell where the sugar is.

 On another note...this girl LOVES broccoli!
 And Avocados...usually she goes through a half one a sitting.
 Loves those cheerios (and you see all those bruises on that forehead?!)
 "Holla back to BEANS!!!!!"...another obsession.  She used to be obsessed with bananas but lately have not been into it.  She loves breads, potatoes, pumpkin yogurt, apple cinnamon nutrigrain bars and peas.

 AND....the day after we got back from California for Thanksgiving she took off walking.

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