Sunday, July 15, 2012

Random pics from May....

Baby girl started rolling over this month and would always roll with the blanket so it would cover her up.  She also stuck her tongue out a lot during this month!
 We went on a Sunday walk through Provo Canyon.  It was so nice and Zealynn LOVES her stroller rides!  We ended up walking for 2.5 hours and you only heard excited screams from her or she would doze off!

 Kev and Mark go fishing quite a bit.  Zealynn and I decided to come with them and just go for a walk and hang out on the grass while they fished.  (Also in Provo Canyon)
 baha Mark wanted to make sure Kev knew how to fly fish. lol
 Pretty girl!

 All bundled up at the end of the day.  She did not move from this position!  I even got to run 7 miles with her like this! :)

 barely moved her head. lol
 The month of May, Z became a lot more mobile and this is how I find her a lot.  I put her down on her back with her head at the green part of the bumper.  As of now she flips and is no where near where I put her down.  She's getting so big!
 Steak night hanging out with Mark
 This is one of my absolutely favorite things she does!  So...after I am done nursing she throws her arms and head back and conks out.  That's how I know she's really tired.  lol Sometimes she does this though when she hears noises and wants to see what's going on and then she'll use those neck and abs muscles to pull herself back up for more feeding.  It's pretty impressive. lol
 She started sitting up by herself.  I would have to stay behind her though because everytime she got excited (which is a lot) and she moved her hands and feet a lot, it would knock her over and she'd face plant it into the ground.  She's learned to fall on her hands into crawling position when she does that now.
 We went to the movies for the first time with Zealynn Memorial weekend with Grandma Carla, Grandpa Bruce, Aunt Kiley and Uncle Trev.  We watched Avengers.  I fed her in the beginning and she fell asleep for the rest of it. Phew!
 Her Sunday best. I love how she always plays with her feet. :)

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