Sunday, July 15, 2012

Eating Solids

I planned on only giving Zealynn breast milk up until she was 6 months old.  She was still growing and seemed to be getting at the nutrients she needed because every check up was great.  The week before she turned 6 months (June 15th) she was waking up every hour to two hours.  I am fine with getting up with her and rocking her back to sleep.  In the beginning I would do that and she fell right to sleep for another 5-6 hours, but that week, I was doing  that and she STILL woke up every 2 hours. So we didn't know if she was having a growth spurt or not.  In the beginning, Z was such an awesome sleeper.  I the beginning, she would wake up like a normal breastfed babe every 3-4 week 9-14 she was sleeping 6-8 hours straight...Then it felt like month 4-5 wasn't as great, but still 3-4 and then the end of 5 months every 1-2 hours.  So we thought, well, let's try something different.  I knew since she was only getting breast milk that she would probably be getting more hungry more often.  I've heard formula stays in the belly longer so they are full longer.  So I thought I would give rice cereal a try and see how that worked.  She didn't sleep any longer, but since she was almost 6 months anyway we continued with the solids.  We wanted to start a little later too because Kev has some food allergies (bananas, kiwi, avocados, pistachios...which he still eats ALL of those). Our first attempt of rice cereal wasn't too bad...... 

 Then the next week we added some carrots to the rice cereal...she didn't react one way or the other.

I wanted to introduce veggies before fruits. Before I was pregnant, I heard that it's better to introduce veggies first because the fruits are sweeter and they may not take the veggies if you offer them afterwards.  Makes sense to we've given her veggies first.  So far she's had carrots, green beans, peas (loved), peas and carrots (loved) squash, oatmeal,  and sweet potatoes.  Yesterday I gave her some pears for the first time.  To my surprise she didn't like them as much as the peas.  She acted like they were too sweet.  Every stage has been so much fun with this baby girl! She's getting soo big! 

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