Monday, June 25, 2012

Memorial Day 5/28

We went out to Roosevelt for Memorial Weekend.  It was nice to just relax and hang out with the family.  On memorial day Grandpa Bruce and Zealynn helped put the mulch in the rose bushes.  It was so cute how she just sat in her little bumbo.  She absolutely loves to be outside.  I have rarely ever heard her fuss when she's out there.  I'm thinking she has her parent's genes! :)  Then later that afternoon, we had a BBQ and had some family over at Grandpa Bruce and Grandma Carla's.  (I'm sure they love being called that!) :)  We had such a good time! It was a perfect day!
 Brandon, Tyson and Kev (Kev's cousins)
 Uncle Greg, Aunt Betty, Cousin Dani and Ryder and me and Z
 Ki, Trev and Kev
 Zealynn with Grandpa Bruce
 Great Grandpa and Grandma Todd, Zealynn, and Grandpa Bruce
 Told you...never makes a fuss.  He did one lap around the house and she was out. (now if we were inside...that girl is not a fan of falling asleep..must take after her parents on that one too! We don't want to miss out on the fun!) :)
 It's not fun unless Basketball is involved!
 Kiley is getting so big!!!
 Teryn...Dani's oldest.  We were playing frisbee and running after it.
I'm pretty sure Bruce was in heaven! :)
 These are some other fun ones...Kev would throw Z in the air and every time she would make this pose.  It was hilarious.  She would also kick her right leg out.
 Reading to our love. She loves this book "I love you through and through"

 And "Guess how much I love you"
 LOVE these pics! Zealynn loves being outside and so we put her out there to help Grandpa Bruce spread the mulch in the rose bed.  She would not stop starring!

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Kade and Kaylee said...

Cutest family! Your babe is so adorable! And you are one HOT mama :)