Sunday, June 10, 2012

Kev in New York! 5/10-5/16

Kev had the opportunity to go to New York with his brothers so he had to take it.  (Thanks Marge!)  They were able to spend much needed brotherly time together and from the sounds (and looks) of it...they had a blast.  These are only a few pics of the trip.  I told him the only way he can go is if he took pics and he did awesome at it! :)  I still have to get all the other ones off his phone from the other events he did.  I am SOO happy he was able to go!  What a blast! I am thinking the girls in my family need to go on a trip now! :)  
 They went to the diner in Seinfield
 I think this is from Rockafeller Center
 They met up with their cousin Spencer who lives in Brooklyn.  This is the Brooklyn bridge, went to the Promenade, and an Indian restaurant.
 They went to a Yankee game...
 LOVe this pic from Rockefeller Center
And the Circle Line Cruise to see the Statue of Liberty.  There were so many more pictures.  They did so many things...Empire State Building, Central Park to ride bikes, Broadway to see Spiderman, "Kings" steakhouse, and so much more.  We have never been to New York, so I am happy he was able to go!

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