Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Trip to Cali! 3/15 to 3/24

We went on a very needed trip to Cali! We left Wed. night and got there Thurs morning. Z woke up once in Vegas but slept the whole way. She is such a sweetheart, man we love her. (sorry, that was random) was my Mom and Dad's spring break the week of the 19th so I thought it would be fun to come down when they can spend as much time as possible with her! Kev drove back on Sunday and I flew back on Sat. the 24th. It was the longest Kev has been away from our baby girl, but his cousin was also in town in Utah, so luckily he got to spend time with him while we were gone! This is in opposite order and really mixed up, but I didn't feel like changing it. We love this beauty!Saturday evening we went to Este's with our friend Mark. Oh how we love Este's!!
My parents moved into a new house the beginning of the year and it has a pool! We are so excited for that! It was too cold to go in the water, but perfect to get in our swimsuits! I had to put her in this, even though she was in it for about 10 minutes before I changed her back! I'm so in love with it!
When we flew back on Sat. we met up with Kev and his cousin and his family and went to the new City Creek Center in Salt Lake! It's so sweet and so much fun!! It was the grand opening so there were so many people there!

We love Uncle Dustin!!
First flight for our baby girl! It was a little rough the first 10 minutes. I tried nursing her so her ears wouldn't bother her, but it didn't help so she was hungry, tired and her ears were bothering her. But once we leveled out, she fell asleep the rest of the flight.
When I was in Cali, I met up with my best friend Chelsea from high school. Man I love her!! Here baby girl Zoie is a doll. We had so much fun introducing Z to them! We spent the whole Fri night with them!

Another swimsuit shot! She was so cozy in the sun! Love that hat!
We went to the Children's Museum in Chino with my sis Jenn (and her kids Jocelynn and Carter), Grandma, my mom, and Preston and Christian (my bro Jeff's kids). They had a blast!
Uncle Jeff meeting Z for the first time!
It was so hot down there! But it also rained! I love it! We went to the park and Carter was just so tired! lol
Z met her Great Grandma Lane for the first time!
Grandpa Kirk and Z
I love when we are getting ready for bed and we just talk to Zealynn and she talks back. One of the best things!!
Aunt Jenn and Z

We went and visited some friends when Kev was there and then we headed to the beach. it was too cold to play, but it was Zealynn's first time at the beach (even if she was sleeping in her car seat) :)


April Aleman said...

I wish we could've seen each other. I still think Z looks just like you!

Hope said...

She's such a freaking cutie! I love her cheeks! And that swimsuit is so adorable.