Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Friends Visit!

We got to meet with our friends from college, Lisa and Tyson and their beautiful 3 kids! Lisa had Adelaide 12 days before Zealynn was born. We were so excited to get them together! They were cracking us up!

Zealynn would not stop staring at Adelaide. It was cracking us up!

Kev's mission companion, Nefi, lives close to us! They are going to be moving to Bolivia and then to Australia soon, so although we will definitely miss them, we're excited to have an excuse to visit! :) Sofia is just a doll. She's two and was in love with Zealynn. I looked over and they were like this...how precious is this picture!?
Gael is such a stud!!
We love the Campero's!
I love this little one...this was a week before she turned 3 months. My sis, Jamie, got her this!

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