Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Ryker's 2nd and Jaeger's 5th

March 9th was our nephew, Jaeger's, 5th birthday and March 11th was our nephew, Ryker's, 2nd birthday. We went up to Evanston to spend the birthday weekend with them! We had so much fun...and by the look of Zealynn..she had a blast too! :)

Z usually sleeps between 5-6 hours before needing a feeding, but Z first slept through the night at 9 weeks...2 days in a row she slept 7 hours...week 11 was a good week for Zealynn too...11 weeks old and 4 days in a row she slept 8 hours or more. Friday night when we slept at Jamie's, she fell asleep at 9:30..woke up at 12:30 for a feeding and went back to bed until 8am! The next night she slept 9 hours! We were pumped! We love this lady!Baby girl smiling at Aunt Jamie
Ry showing off his new shoes. lol he loved these things and would put one out for you to "ooo" and "ahh" and then stick the other one out. :)
We got Ryker a big ball and he had a good time with this! :)
He loves "silly monkeys" from the movie Rio. I think he thinks a lot of things that have fur on it is a monkey. They didn't have monkey's for pillow pets, so he got this dog, but he still calls it "silly monkey" :)
Trying to figure out how to blow out the candles. :)
Everyone teaching him :)
Jaeger turned 5! Can't believe it! I remember watching the other kids when he was born and Kev and I just got married a couple months before that! Wow how time flies!
So we like to joke with the kids...we surprised Jae with a box of diapers for his bday! Can you tell how thrilled he was? lol (he's in the back red..Ryker's in the front)...He was like, "uh diapers?!" (The funny part is Jae has been potty trained since 15 months!) lol
This was his real present! ha! Jamie has rights to when he can have gum and he has to share it. :)
We're glad we were able to spend time with you boys on your bday! We love you!

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Rick and Kori said...

I can't wait for my babies to be sleeping as well as Z! Good for her! I think its so sweet how much you love your nephews!