Friday, April 13, 2012

EASTER BUNNY!! 3/21/12

For her 3 month birthday (March 21st), we went to the Easter Bunny at the mall while we were in California!! My mom, Jenn, Jocelynn, Carter, Z and me went and it was so much fun! Especially because we were outside the line taking pictures. It was so funny! Zealynn was so tired she looked so comfortable in the bunny's arms. I thought she was going to fall asleep, but she didn't. She was however to tired to move a muscle. lol. No smile..but a yawn!

Jocelynn is such a sweetheart! I love this pic!
And this one is hilarious! We wanted all 3 to sit on the bunny, but Carter only wanted to wave, from a distance. Joce was just sitting all pretty and Jenn put Carter on his lap and we were like "RUUUNNN!!!" Jenn ran off to the side so we could take pictures. LOL we are so mean! :) I think it's hilarious. Is it weird that I kind of secretly want Z to give us some screaming pictures like this?! LOL Hope not! :)

After the bunny, we just took some pics around the flowers...these are her "I'm so tired" eyes. Love this girl! And how cute is her dress?!! My mom bought this for her and I want her to wear it everyday. ha! And Aunt Jenn made her beautiful bow!!

Having a hard time keeping her eyes open. Carter wanted to kiss her! (Or maybe we told him to kiss her?) :)

How cute are these two?! Love their matching outfits!
And she's out. Grandma Kirk was just holding her for literally two seconds before she conked out. lol

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