Friday, April 13, 2012

OH THIS FACE! 3/26/12

I know there are about 5 billion pictures on this post (ok, maybe not that many) but I couldn't just put one of these on here. She was just looking so sweet to me and I had to take these pics. She cracks me up on tummy time...she acts so old all propped up! This was a couple days after her 3rd month birthday! :) She is obsessed with her hands and anyone's hands she sees. I love when I'm holding her and put my hand on her chest and she just grabs two of my fingers...either my thumb and pointer or thumb and pinky. She really can stare at it for hours and I love moving them to keep her entertained.'s our beautiful baby Z.

And...time out for pooping. LOL I love this face. We laugh so hard when she gives us this because we know what's going down. (literally) ha!
And then she perks right up when she was done. lol

Oh those cheeks!
Was a little over it by now...
Then she started talking to me and telling me why she was over it :)

I'm pretty sure we attack her everyday with kisses...even when she's crying....or pooping. lol we can't get enough of her!

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April Aleman said...

Isn't it so funny how your life completely changes after a baby. I never thought I would be a "mommy blogger" but my life is all about being a mommy now. :) And, peyt used to do the best poop face, now she hides from us.