Monday, February 13, 2012

Random Pics- up to 7 weeks

We've been having so much fun with Zealynn. She melts our hearts everyday. I love waking up to her in the morning and she will coo for hours! She has the sweetest cry..especially when she wants to get your attention, we laugh everytime. It has this cute little high pitch squeal. I'll have to get it on video! She sleeps about 5 to 5.5 hours at night, wake up for a feeding and then back to bed for 3 hours or so. Every now and then I fall asleep while feeding her so I'm determined to stay awake to put her back into the crib! It may be weird but sometimes I really don't mind waking up for her. She is just so cute and her cry...well...she doesn't cry at night. Not sure if she just is too tired to cry or if I know she's hungry and feed her before she starts to wake up daddy. In my Lamaze class, the teacher said that you can teach babies that they don't have to cry (or throw a fit) to get what they I guess that's what we try to do. we'll see how she does when she's 2! :) I guess I am lucky though because I can function pretty well with 6-7 hours and actually did that before we had a kid. Sometimes I do worse when I have more hours of sleep. But I know it will be good for Z to get a really long sleep cycle, so I'm going to do what I can to get her to that point.
Here's the adorable Zealynn onesie my friend Angela made for her!
Jenna's 23rd bday at Brio's!
Kev watching TV and making his own "carrier" for Z. :)
Here's Copeland and Z! lol Z is a week older then him. Me and my friend Laura were pregnant together and have had so much fun with these two being the same age and all. We hang out and can't wait til they get a little older to go to the park and everything.
Last weekend we had our "weekly" steak night with our friend Mark. The boys went shooting their guns while me and Z hung out (she slept, I read) :) then we went back to his place. I had to take thispic of her little beanie my old roommate Hope made. I LOVE IT HOPE!! She looks so cute in it and was smiling when I put it on her head! I'll have to take pics of the owl one you made soon!
Oh I love her! She smiles so much now and is fascinated with her hands. :) we aren't sure what color her eyes are but we are thinking blue. Although, sometimes they do look hazel like daddy's so we shall see!!
Our little fam. Love these two! Oh side note...I had my 6 week doc appt on the 1st which means...I get to work out now! I really didn't want to push it and then have to wait 6 months, so I waited but now it feels good to run! I worked out about 4 or 5 days a week 2 days before Z came. I can't imagine how hard it would be to get back into the swing of things if I had gone longer then 6 weeks! I've started slow and do 2-3 miles for now. Saturdays Kev watches her while I'm gone and during the day I go to the clubhouse gym with her in her car seat. She usually stares at her hand for 20 min and then will fall asleep. I usually get an hr in but if i get 10 min in I'm happy!
This is probably sick for those that haven't experienced it....but this is what happens when you don't poo for 2 days. lol Needless to say..we were late to church that day. :)


April and Wes said...

I tried really hard to not let Peyt cry as a baby and we swear that's why she rarely does.

Hope said...

Isn't it crazy how fast they change? And how fast they get big?? It still makes me sad...and my babies are three and one! She's such a cutie.