Wednesday, February 15, 2012


I forgot to put Zealynn's 1 week and 2 week stats on this. She has her 2 month appt on the 21st when she'll get her shots so i'm sure i'll have a separate post for that! She was born at 7 lbs 10 oz 20.5 inch and left the hospital at 7 lbs 5 oz.

1st week- 12/27/11 (6 days old)
head...13.75 in (42.21%)
weight....7 lbs 10 oz (42.24%)
length....21 in (88.22%)

2nd week- 1/3/12 (13 days old)
head...14 in (42.35%)
weight...8 lbs 8 oz (58.1%)
length...21.25 in (84.82%)

A rep from dept of health came over to check on me and the baby yesterday and weighed and measured her! As of 2/14 (almost 8 weeks) she was 12 lbs 8 oz and 24 inches! We don't know the % so we'll find out next week!

She is so much fun! She coos and smiles all the time. I love how she really looks at us like she knows us and then will smile. She has a very distinct tired cry that is just a whimper/squeal. it's so cute! She is fascinated with the fan and can stare at it and the pictures on our walls. If i feed her and she's tired too, she can't relax while eating annd will kick her legs hard. I look her in the eyes and ask if she is tired and usually she'll blink really slow. If she is still hungry she'll like her lips. She doesn't like to be swaddled, never has. Even in the hospital, she would rock back and forth to try to get out of it and then raise her hand in the air. We would have those mittens on the onesies and slowly she would get her fingers out of it. She loves the bouncer and can stare at the hanging butterflies and mirrors. She is super patient. I will have to put her down to go to the bathroom or grab something to eat and she will just stare at her hands until I can pick her up. Her tears are the saddest thing ever and her cry is so cute. she has the sweetest little lip that pops out and sometimes nothing comes out. it's really adorable. She doesn't cry at night, just grunts. She sleeps about 4-5.5 hours and will eat and then go back to bed for 3 hours. She feeds about every 2 hours or so during the day. When nursing, she will put her hand in a fist on her cheek. It's so cute and I love it!! It's as soon as I attach her, it's instant. Or...she will tickle my side with her hand. It cracks me up. Anyway...that's all I can think of now...we love everything about this little lady! she is an amazing baby and we are so lucky to have her in our life!!

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You're post is making me want another baby! Love that!