Thursday, October 20, 2011

She's growing!!

I'm really behind...sorry! I've been taking some pics every month, but it takes me about a month to post them! I'm almost 31 weeks now, but here's me at 28 weeks. She's coming so soon and we are so excited! She moves even more now and we love being able to feel her little body parts!! I feel great and haven't felt like I've slowed down really. We're so happy for her arrival, but I am going to miss her growing and moving inside me! Such a special feeling that I am so grateful for! Kev and I have been doing great. We just did some interior designing (As much as we can in a rental) and got a new couch and washer and dryer so pics of that to come. We still don't have her room together, but we'll be tackling that project next! The closer it gets to her coming, I feel like there is so much to do! I had my Corona baby shower on the 8th, so I'll post those soon! thanks so much to everyone that came out and supported us! we love you all! Plus...we're taking Pregnancy pics on the 12th of Nov. so hopefully I won't be too swollen then. BUT if I am...just shows that I am pregnant and what better way to document it?! :) I'll hopefully post more things a lot quicker!! hope all is well with everyone!!

My friend Laura and I at work on 9/26. I'm a little over 27 weeks here. We are about 10 days apart and she's having a boy. She is FINALLY starting to show but still looks like she's 6 months! Crazy how different pregnant bodies are! I love it!


Heidi (Todd) Broberg said...

Yeah I'm only 18 weeks and WAY bigger than BOTH ya'll!

Jessica said...

hey! It is fun being pregnant same time as you :) you are looking so great, might I add! You have "the glow". I'm so excited to see pictures of zealynn and hear how the delivery goes-dont let anyone scare you, I actually LOVE giving brith, I think it It's such a unique, thrilling and even fun event. For reals, I don't understand why people dread it, I've been blessed with good labors but just knowing you are about to meet this little person you created with your husband is sooo crazy-and realizing how incredible your body is! I have my next dr appt this friday, so hopefully he will give me news from last ultra sound. They still don't know what is causing the extra fluid and my dr feels confident it's just sort of a fluke they are just watching it and I'm just having faith a.that my dr's will keep me and baby safe and have the strength to deal with whatver happens...he didn't say I'd deliver eraly but with so much fluid, my water breaking early is a big risk, sooo hopefully not. Riley, my first was induced a week early (i had some pregnancy induced hypertension starting) and braden came 2weeks early on his own and it was the best labor and delivery ever! So a couple weeks early would be ok with me as long as baby is healthy!