Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Visiting family and Tough Mudder

In April, Bryan (Kev's bro) called to see if he would want to do the "Tough Mudder" in Sept. The Tough Mudder is an intense obstacle course that the British Army uses. This one was in Squaw Valley, near Lake Tahoe. We decided to make a vacation out of it (especially since the babe comes soon! yay!) We flew out to Sacramento on Wed. Sept. 14th and spent the next couple days with Bryan and Dana. Their house is absolutely beautiful and Bryan is in the process of building a shed in the backyard. Kev, of course, told him to save some stuff for him to do when we got there. So here they are...enjoying the newly purchased nail gun!

Then Thurs. evening we celebrated Dick's (Dana's dad) birthday with dinner and ice cream!

Friday, Dustin (Kev and Bry's cousin) drove up from Santa Cruz with his girls to try getting into doing the Mudder! And he got in to do it! yay! We were so happy he got to participate!

I just wanted to take a pic of their numbers, but they were feeling extra friendly. :)

Here's the group! Kev, Bry, Dustin and Matt (Bryan's co worker)

About to get started on the 12+ miles (10 of which were uphill) and 23 obstacles...

And after! I loves Kev's smile here! :) They left at 12 and didn't get done until about 6pm! We couldn't believe it! They were stuck in lines for the obstacles for about 3 hours!! What should have taken 3 hours took 6! But they still had a blast. I was a little upset that we missed them! I didn't see him do any of it!! They have only 3 obstacles at the end that we could watch. we were there early just waiting for them to come. 3 hours later of waiting after we thought they would get in, I got a call from an unknown number. it was kev and he told me they were done! I couldn't believe it! I was holding going to the restroom for about 2 hours because I didn't want to miss anything, and of course when I couldn't hold it anymore and ran to the restroom for 5 minutes, that's when they came!! ugh! We couldn't believe it!

SO proud of this guy!! He was a little nervous because he didn't know what to expect...it was his first kind of race and he didn't train as much as he wanted to....but at the end it was like the 12 miles didn't even faze him!

Afterwards, we went to Olive Garden! So good! Then we left Sunday evening. We had such a great visit with the Todd's! :)

This is just us at a BYU game. I like Kev. He's hot. :) (P.S Our baby girl is growing and moving A LOT!! I can't believe that in less than 12 weeks she'll be in our arms! We are so excited!!!)

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