Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Camping in Morgan Sept. 2nd

I haven't updated in awhile because I like to put all of our pics on the desktop and currently it is down, so I have to update from the laptop....well now that my reasoning is out of the way. :) Here's some camping fun! :) Our friend's family (Kobe) owns a whole lotta acres in Morgan, UT. I mean...a WHOLE LOTTA! So we go up there for bon fires and to go shooting and just hang out and enjoy the beauty. Fri. Sept 2nd, our other friend Lexi was coming up from Cali so we thought we would all go camping! So off we went and we had a blast! :)

Lex showing Mark how it's doneKev and I (and no, we didn't match on purpose! I'm wearing jeans and he's wearing sweats!) :)

Our tent! And check out that MASSIVE cow pie! lol you would think Kev would have seen that massive thing, but he stepped in the same one TWICE! HA!! SO FUNNY! I slept really well...except for the fact of the "pregnancy cramps" in my calves and feet and I couldn't really stand up in the tent on the blow up! seriously...i was squeezing both of my feet for like an hour! I think Z wanted us to make sure we remembered that night! :) She was moving like crazy too. Our baby girl is going to love the great outdoors! :)

Newlyweds...Ashley and Bret Kobe

Mark and Lexi

Kev made a birthday cake for Lex and the poor candles would not light so she had to blow them super quick!FOIL DINNERS! YUM!!

Kev loved tossing and flipping the dinners in the fire.

I ruined this pic! Boo! lol I didn't know it was suppose to be a "cute" one!

Zealynn's first camping trip! :)

I was so excited to put that bad boy in the fire! :)

The gang! So fun!! Thanks so much for a great overnight guys!!

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