Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Cody and Amanda's sealing Sept. 3rd

We came back early from camping Sat. morning because we had a temple sealing to go to. We were so blessed to go to the sealing of our good friends, Amanda and Cody. We met Cody through Jenna and AJ. Jenna is Cody's little sister. They are living in TN, but the family came up from Cali to go to the SLC temple. Kev and I were blown away with how strong the spirit was and how beautiful the blessing of the temples are. I am so grateful for opportunities that we get on this life to draw closer to our Heavenly Father and to remember what this life is truly about. I love having opportunities to have a place to go on this earth that helps me to always remember the covenants that I have made. I love having opportunities of feeling closer to our dear friend AJ too and all those that have passed before. I know that he was with us that day...we all felt him and all miss him. Jenna and me...love this "lil sis" of mine. :)

"Sisters"....I guess I'm included with them! :) Haley, Jenna, Amanda, Sarah, and me. Love this family SOO much!

The boys striking a pose. lol

I can't even remember what Kev was talking about here...but this was at the luncheon. It was at Lion House Pantry...SO GOOD. Really...it was amazing.

Thanks Cody and Amanda for inviting us to this event. Although we may not be related by blood, we definitely feel that we are still a part of you guys. We love you so much and are so happy for your decision to be sealed! You will NEVER regret it!!

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April and Wes said...

my cousin had his luncheon at the Lion House too and it was so good. It looks like the same room in fact.