Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Baby Update...I'm 17 weeks!!

Well here it is...our cute little thang! I still can't believe I'm pregnant. I'll be 18 weeks on Fri. and to be honest, I have to keep telling myself that I"m pregnant. Every week, I read up on how our baby is developing and what size and all that. Right now it's about the size of an avocado and weighs as much as a turnip! It's ears are about to the right spot right now, so I've been listening to classical music. :) So crazy to think there's somebody in me!! Week 7-13 I was feeling pretty nauseous. Eating was such a chore, but I still ate about every two hours. I eat pretty healthy before I got pregnant, so it's been fun to eat all the fruits and veggies and whole grain I can. I LOVE smoothies, so I've been making them with orange juice, yogurt, milk, mixed berries and a whole bunch of spinach in it. SOOO Stinking good. I make enough to eat then and freeze the other for my night snack. HIGHLY recommend this for kids who don't get much leafy veggies in because you really can't taste it! No added sugar! Anyway..The weird part though is when I would eat actual meals, I would take 2 bites and be so full and then two hours later I would be hungry again. I threw up 3 times, but my doctor said I was doing really good and keeping most of it down, even though I've lost weight. Our first doctor's appointment was on May 13th and I was 8 weeks! We had an ultrasound and that was so fun to see it! Here are some pics from the ultrasound...This one looks like a hamster to me... And this one looks like a sea horse! :)My 12 week pics are so lovely! lolOn June 15th, we had my 12 week (and 5 days) doctors appointment. We didn't have an ultrasound, but we heard the babies heart beat with the doppler device. That was really cool to hear...160 bpm! The babe was doing jazzercise in my belly! :)
These pics are really sick...but on July 12th we had our 16 week (and 4 days) doctor appointment. Kev just started his new job so he wasn't able to come to this one (another post about the job soon!). It was a super quick appointment though. We just listened to the heart beat (140 bpm) and they took my blood for some tests. I'm starting to gain weight (finally!) but I'm still under my pre pregnancy weight. My doctor says the baby is growing perfectly normal so my weight loss is completely fine.
I'm starting to show a pooch...especially with tighter shirts! I "think" I felt the baby yesterday (July 18th) at 17 weeks and 3 days, but of course I'm not 100% sure because it was so...well ..baby. (small) It just felt like little taps on my lower abdomen, so I'm not completely sure. I'm so excited for when Kev can start feeling it move!! So we find out on Aug. 9th (at 9:15am!) what we are having!! So SO SO excited for that!! I have NO clue what we are having. I keep switching back and forth. There are SO many boys in Kev's family (his dad is one of 8 boys) and I have 10 nephews and 2 nieces on my family....so logic tells me it's a boy. However, the two nieces we have are my sisters first borns, so then I think that maybe it's a girl because of that. Does anyone think one way or another!? We shall see!! Can't wait for this little babes to come into our life! We have already had so many blessings because of this baby!!! We love you little thang! :)

Here's our first purchase...they are 0-6 months onesies and I'm so in love. I keep holding them up and just imagine a little person in it. Although we don't know what we are having, we figured that even if it's a girl, we'll put a bow on her. Hey, her mom wears jerseys, better believe she will too! :) I love the booties and the beanie!


Lisa said...

You look sooooo cute! Aaaah! I'm so excited for you and Kev.

Josh and Kaleena said...

I've heard fast heart beats are girls!!! YEA!!!!

Rick and Kori said...

So fun to hear how your pregnancy is going! Can't wait to see what you are having!!!

Rick and Kori said...

Hey Jess! Here is the site for the glider ride: http://www.utahsoaring.org/Home/SoarUtah. They also have information about flight training too. Rick had a great experience!

Jessica said...

yep, we are just about the same, i am due chrismas day...are you getting all your christmas shopping done now?! my last baby came two weeks early, so i am trying to complete all my shopping by the end of september, just in case! and then i will have fun being busy wrappy up the presents and making goodies while i await the arrival...do you know what you are having yet? we will not be finding out...hope youre feeling well!