Monday, August 22, 2011

4th of July week

I'm behind because our desk top computer screen is not working. I guess having it for 7 years would do that to I have pics on that computer that I can't pull up at the moment, but I do have SOME. So I thought I would just put what I have on here so I can continue on updating! So here we go...for 4th of July this year, kev and I drove to California to spend time with family before starting new jobs. First we went to Roosevelt July 1st-3rd and went boating, golfing and BBQing! Grandma Todd's 80th bday was on the 3rd so we celebrated that too! Such a great way to start off the holiday!We got to Cali Monday morning, July 4th...just in time to go to the ward breakfast my parents were putting together. Then we came home and hung out, went swimming and just enjoyed each others company! Carter's smile melts my heart!!That night, me, Kev, Jenn, James and Joce went to Santana Park and watched the fireworks!! It was SO much fun seeing (and hearing) the Jocelynn's excitement! While we were walking, she kept smiling really big saying, "I'm just so excited!!" It was so cute! It brought back so many memories of watching fireworks on our roof in Ontario and my mom making rice krispies and having root beer floats. Oh the memories!! I LOVE FIREWORKS!! The show was actually really good. We got there just in time for the fireworks and then headed home.We stayed at Jason and Rachel's house for a couple days and went bowling with our nephews and just played with them. We went to Long Beach Aquarium of the Pacific on Thurs. and we had a blast! We've never been before and it was seriously so much fun to see the sharks and touch them and see the birds. I think the kids loved it too! Kev and Carter with the Lorakeet in the back!Some of the nieces and nephews..missing two...we've got a big gang! they are so stinking cute!I love this pic of Kev and the boys. They were having fun climbing on the tree when we were waiting for Rach.We went to the beach Saturday. My sister and her family came down from Wyoming so we got to spend time with them also while they were visiting. It was overcast in the morning and by the time we were about to leave it really cleared up. We all got some sun though!! We then left Sat. evening, stopped in Vegas to meet up with some friends for dinner and then headed back to Utah on Sunday. It was such a great visit with the family!!

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