Monday, July 18, 2011

California Visit Wed. June 8th to Tues. June 14th

So it's taken awhile to post these. I think when you start to get behind then you just want to skip over them to go to the good stuff...but these were all way too cute to skip so here ya go! Have I mentioned how much I love my nieces and nephews yet? :) When some of the family came up to Evanston for Micah's baptism, Jenn wanted to stay longer with Carter and Jocelynn, but my parents had to go back to work. So we decided that she would stay until the following Wed. and then I'd drive her down to Cali and I'd hang out there and visit. So that's what we did and it was a blast! :) Here's the pictures to prove it! I was there until Tues. June 14th because I had a doctor's appointment the next day! This picture makes me want to squeeze Carter!!!

Ok..this one too

And these ones...

Jocelynn and Carter have such a cute relationship. They laugh together all the time. They were in a really happy mood to take pics so me and Jenn went crazy! :)

This visit I hung out with family and friends and went to the beach for a bon fire!! It was a lot of fun!!

Just realized this was a big time Carter overload! :)

We went to Wabi Sabi by my brothers house to go out to dinner with Federica (Jeff and Katrina's foreign exchange student from Italy) for her last night before going back!

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