Sunday, February 27, 2011

Cabin fever..Happy Bday Jenna!

So our wonderful friends from our ward, Jenna and AJ, were celebrating Jenna's birthday with friends and family at a friends cabin. We went up there Fri. Feb. 4th and came back on Sat. Feb 5th. Kev went up with Jenna and AJ earlier to go snowmobiling (I unfortunately had to work) and then we celebrated that night with everyone. It was so much fun and it wasn't even my bday! :) She got 3 cakes...and she was excited! :)
Oh girls, I love you guys! Brittany (also from our ward), me, Haley (Jenna's sister), Sarah (sister in law) and Jenna.
AJ and Jenna

Kyle (Jenna's bro) and Sarah getting bundled up to head out.
We were going to go snowmobiling that afternoon, but it wasn't the best conditions. So we waited for Kev to get home from work and we went night snowmobiling. We unfortunately had to cut it short with a little mishap, but it was still so much fun! That night we went to Bombay (which was BOMB!!). We love Jenna and AJ! Happy Birthday missy!

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