Sunday, February 27, 2011

Shooting in Morgan

This last Martin Luther King Jr. holiday (Jan.17) we went shooting on our friend's (Kobe) land in Morgan, UT. Keven has gone there shooting a lot in the past, but this was my first time going with them since Kev got his new guns for Christmas and his birthday. Kev's new Remington 12 gauge shot gun.Mark testing out Kev's new scope on his 22. So here I am...for some reason I kept eating it in the snow. I mean, the snow was so high up and my boots were not really made for the snow so I kept falling. BUT I carried that gun like it was a baby and made sure it never touched the ground. The guys always laughed at me, because whenever they turned around, I was tripping but would hold the gun up. My pants, needless to say, were drenched by the end of the day. But it was AWESOME!! It looks like the snow is up to my waste, but really, it's only up to my knees, I was just sitting on my knees. Kev aiming for a bird...there was actually a huge Mountain Lion (well according to her paw prints) that we wanted to see. We were trying to track her, but never did end up seeing her. That would have been amazing to see! Mark and KevOn our way back, the clouds and the wind started coming in and it was getting way cold! And this was on our way home. I've never seen a sunset like it. How amazing huh?!

Everyone was pulling off to the side to take pictures of it.

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Elizabeth said...

These pics are amazing Jess! Timmy loves shooting but I have yet to go with him! It's good to know you had fun, maybe I'll give it a try. Tim misses hunting a lot.