Sunday, December 5, 2010

Another remodeling project

I realized that I didn't post a project that we had been working at at the Todd's house. While we were living there (Kev lived there a year and I lived there almost 6 months...thanks again Bruce and Carla!) :) we did a lot of projects around the house. There was a lot that they wanted to get done before Trev came home from his mission, so we were excited for the challenge. I don't have a picture of the before for this one, and I realized that I also don't have any pics of the backyard...but since it's snowing now, it looks like I'll just have to take pics next season.

Project #1: Retaining wall and black bark. They had these bushes planted, but wanted it to be "touched up" a little bit more. So we built a retaining wall and laid black stained bark. I think it has a more completed feel to it now.
Project #2: Family Room, Kitchen, Stairs, etc. Well...this took a little (or lot) more time. They have REALLY tall ceilings so we needed to rent scaffolding for the night. The ceiling is so tall that we put the scaffolding at the tallest and then put a latter on top of that and Kev was at the top of that. made us all a little nervous! Here he is taking a break...
Here are some before pics..Also notice the stair case...and how many spindles there are! We also added a red accent wall under the stairs and the kitchen was painted red also (Carla did an awesome job on that one!)
They wanted to get rid of the sliding door because it was really hard to open...
And the after...I took on the project (mostly because I felt it would make the biggest pop...I guess you could say I'm stupid, but I think it turned out very well) to stain the stair case. I sanded the whole thing down (spindles and all) and then stained it. Each one, by hand a couple times. And then I put a gloss on it. I was up until 4 am some nights trying to get it done. I still see so many imperfections to it...but supposedly to everyone else, it looks wonderful.
Carla did a sweet faux finish (I think that's what it is called, but not positive) and I thought it looked sweet. Also, we sanded and painted the window frame and I think it looks like a brand new window. They got rid of their old window treatments and got wooded blinds.
Here's the window that was also sanded and painted. Looks like a brand new window!
Here's from the kitchen and Carla did a wonderful job painting it! Also, I stained the New Zealand cloth frame hanging on the left wall. Kev made the frame for Christmas and brought home this cloth the Maori's make one year when he came home from his mission so I just stained it to match the stair case.
The beautiful french doors. The blinds in this thing is so sweet because it's in between the window. It opens up awesome to the beautiful deck in their backyard.

Overall, I think it turned out awesome. It was like a compoletely different house when we were done with it. Eventually painting the other hall wall and staining the front staircase will come....but for now, I think the Todd's were pleased.


Kipn n' Sarah said...

WOw you guys are AMAZING!!!!

Tyson and Dani Todd said...

Love it!! We need to stop by next time we're in town! I think it's been 7 months since we visited their house- -I want to see it now!

Island Lillies said...

Wow!! I haven't been to my Sissie's home in...well, let's just say it has been too long! The remodel is fantastic! Love the warm and cozy, especially since the rooms are huge! Excellent job!! Start a business you two!! =)

Lisa said...

Thanks for more details. It is totally amazing!

Kade and Kaylee said...

So that would be so fun if you guys really came to AZ! The drive is a little over 10 hours though from Salt Lake! But the good thing is, Candice and I live only a few blocks away from each other so it's not like you'd have to drive far again to see both of us! We would love to have you!! The three of us would seriously have a BLAST!!