Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Well now that I'm barely putting Halloween up, Christmas is almost here?! oh man... I really need to get cracking! So this year for Halloween, we were invited to our friend's, Misty and Colton, Halloween party. I was getting my hair done that day and so I wanted to be cleopatra, but that didn't really work out. And luckily it didn't because every year when we dress up, Kev always convinces me to be scary or ugly. haha..that's what every husband wants to see his wife as right? Kev wanted to get face makeup and do freaky zombie like stuff. The past couple years we've always waited until the last minute. So I went with it and it was so much fun...especially putting the stuff on!! Kev was right...Halloween is definitely suppose to be scary and ugly! How real does that look!? Make the pic bigger...this is the "skin" that we started off with.
And the after math. The knife was added for fun! :) when we put the blood on...that was so fun! haha

Cutting up my cilantro! :)
You can't really smile with a face like that...
At the fiesta
Here's Michael Jackson..."It''s black. It's white"
She looked so much like Michael, it was crazy!
Misty and lil CiCi!
Us and Misty and Colton
This was so much fun...pulling off our skin at the end of the night!
Hope you all had a wonderful Halloween!

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Catherine said...

Jessica!! Oh my goodness, I can't believe you found my blog! How are you?? Haha... wow, it has been sooo long. It's great to catch up with you through blogs. Looks like life is good! I'll have to talk to Bradford about how you guys know each other (Corona/Norco, I'm guessing). So good to be back in touch. All my best!