Saturday, January 8, 2011

Thanksgiving in Cali

Kev and I drove to Cali for Thanksgiving this year. We left Wednesday, Nov. 24th and got there at about 3am on Thursday. We went out to dinner with Mom and Dad on Thanksgiving day and went to the movies. It was actually REALLY nice to do that on Thanksgiving day! Then Friday we went to the beach and that night hung out with Jenn and James (and the kids) and mom and dad. Saturday, we had Thanksgiving with everyone (except Jamie and her family and Katrina...we missed you guys!) It was so wonderful to spend time together. We left Sunday morning and it was the longest drive EVER! It took us 14 hours when it usually takes 9. The snow started in St. George and we were going 30 mph the rest of the way home (9 hours later)! We had a great Thanksgiving with the family and was so grateful that we were able to spend time with them!
Carter's cute bum! Jenn and that turkey was wonderful!

LOVE this pic of Kev and Carter Jason, Rach, Grandma and the boys
Me, Grandm and Kev

Dad, Grandma and Mom

Nathan and Grandpa

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Jennifer said...

Lots of posts, love it. You guys are so cute and I love reading about all the fun things you do.