Friday, June 4, 2010

My 25th birthday..and other stuff

Well...time to catch up again! This year, Kev and I have been really spoiled by Kev's dad in being able to go to the Jazz games! We have so much fun when we go! This was round 1 of the playoff's vs. Denver Nuggets. We won that game so it was a happy day! :) This was Game 3...I think! (the end of April). Then the beginning of May happened...April showers, bring May blizzards? What the? Yea...we thought the same thing! This was before I left for work in the morning. By the afternoon, it was all melted. Kev had just mowed the lawn the day before!

Then came my birthday!! May 10th...25 to be exact! I still can't believe it...I love every year that passes! I can't imagine when I turn 75!! It just keeps getting better. I am definitely one lucky girl! I woke up to my alarm at 6:30am..Kev turned and said, "Good Morning My love! Happy Birthday!" Then he got up and made me breakfast! (now, how could your day possibly get any better after that?!) did! So, after breakfast...same ol' at work...then around lunch time, my wonderful amazing husband came in with flowers and presents! (btw...we already got my sweet watches for my birthday the weekend before!) Then Kev took me out to lunch (we chose Rocky's...a local place in town with wonderful grasshopper shakes!)
I am draped with two shirts that he got me. I was so surprised and love them!

Then my totally awesome co worker (who hired me..i might add) got me some of my favorites!! She is such a doll! She got me OREOS! I mean..seriously...I LOVE OREOS! And my 100 grand and chapsticks were wonderful too! Thanks Andrea! You are the best!! (and I am not just saying that because we are the only girls that work at L&L!) :)
Here's just a close up of my lovely flowers! :) As Kev said..."I love your birthday being right after Mother's Day...all the flowers go on sale!" haha!
So then...when I came back to work after lunch, there was a big box on my desk. I was a little confused because it was from "Mrs. Fields." Yes...I was hoping it was really from her and not just an old used box! Low and was!! This is what I opened! My co workers from my old job (Kim, Sokha and Erika) all surprised me!! They had a guy from my old job look up my new job online, call me to confirm my work address, and had it mailed out to me! I couldn't believe it! I am truly blessed with amazing people in my life!
THEN...GAME 4! Yep...that's right...we got to go to Jazz vs. Lakers round 2. We were so excited and so grateful! Even though our Jazz didn't win, it was still a wonderful birthday! (Even if Kev and I were prepared to get in a fight if needs be!) ha! We even got matching playoff shirts!
Thank you everyone for all your sweet birthday wishes! You will never know how much it all meant to me. I felt so overwhelmed with gratitude for all that I have been blessed with. Love you!


Melissa + Brett said...

Happy Belated Bday! Looks like you had the best bday ever! I cannot believe your old and new co-workers! WOW! Let's not forget your amazing hubby! Standing O all around!

Jill Duncan said...

you have such a sweet husband! Glad you had such a good birthday!

Rick and Kori said...

Happy Birthday! So cool that we have the same day ever :)

Kade and Kaylee said...

The big 25!! I love birthdays like that where you get spoiled :) I can't believe that snow either!! Makes me feel so happy that I live in Phoenix!

Candice said...

so this is random but i just took a nap and had a dream about you and we hung out! it was so fun so it makes me want to hang out with you! where are you livin? we are in cali for a while.

p.s. happy birthday!

{charlie * carolyn} said...

Hey Jess,
Happy belated Birthday!! Looks like such a fun, cookies, basketball game, etc. I can't wait for my birthday to come, too bad it's in another year!

youhana said...