Thursday, May 20, 2010

My first Half Marathon

Wow, it's taken awhile. Sorry! I had to get some of these pictures from my father in law. So beware of some serious blog updating!! Well as my previous blogs stated, I had been training for my first half marathon. It was in Salt Lake City on April 17th. I had trained really hard and felt very prepared. When I first started in training, I wanted to hit 9-10 minute miles. I didn't know how attainable it was, but I started there. By the end of my training, I changed my goal to complete the half marathon in under 2 hours. Well...I'll let you know if I did at the end...... :) My lucky number!
My sister in law, Dana and myself. Can you see us?! It's like "where's waldo?!" I am wearing a bandana and Dana is in a blue shirt. This was before the race. And this is after...not sure where we are but there was a bunch of people there!
We saw Kev and Bry at the beginning of the race and then I didn't see them until about mile 9. I was so pumped the beginning of the race because I would hit about 8:00 minute miles at times. Disregard my face in this picture. I was trying to take my shirt that was wrapped around my waiste to throw to Kev, while I was running. Hence, my face is weird! :)
Trying not to laugh while soon as I past Kev, he ran with me in his sandles. It was pretty funny how he was trying to pump me up. He's so cute. :)

I did it!! It was so packed at the end of the race (13.1 miles) that Kev couldn't find parking. He had to park like 2 miles away and just ran his sandles and barely missed me passing the finish line. Apparently, I ran a lot faster then he thought I would! I like the girl in the back of this picture. Ha! It's like she thought Kev was taking a picture of her! :)
After the race, there were a lot of different venues and music and a lot of supporters. It was pretty cool to hear them screaming for you while you turned the corner! Oh, I forgot to mention the last 3/4 of a mile, I got a cramp in my foot!! I couldn't stop because I wanted to hit my goal, so that mile part was a fun experience. Oh and mile 11-12 was up that was a little challenging, but good.
My love and I
I was feeling good! It was such a perfect day!
AND YES! I DID IT!! THIS IS OUR SIGN FOR DOING IT IN "LESS THAN TWO HOURS!" :) (Kev's less than sign should have been on the other side though) MY TIME WAS 1 HOUR 57 MINUTES AND 28 SECONDS! My average minute per mile was 8:58. I was 1,342 out of 4,621 overall people. Out of the females, I was 534 out of 2,882 and out of my age group (19-24 year old girls) I was 82 out of 398. I was pretty pleased and hope to beat my time the next race I do!
After the race at Dana and Bryan's apartment.
And today I thought of something I never thought I would....I actually MIGHT do a full marathon in September. I figure might as well do it before we start having kids and don't have as much time to train! Don't hold me accountable if I back out though since I am not signed up yet! :)


Whit said...

Haha I love Where's Waldo... so I found you in that top picture! Wow, what a NERD! You are hot stuff girl, even all sweaty! Congrats! I'm super duper proud of you!

Hope said...

Good job on your half marathon. Way to set a goal! I don't know how that is! :) Just kidding. My goal every day is to shower. Sometimes it happens, and sometimes it doesn't. Maybe clean my house a little? I'm good with it, though. No, lots of my friends are running these days and doing marathons...I think it would be cool and an awesome accomplishment, but I'm too dang lazy. Maybe one day. :) Hopefully we will see you one day!

Rick and Kori said...

Wow Jess! That is incredible! Seriously I admire you so much...I could never do that! CONGRATULATIONS!

Jennifer Bluth said...

WOW!!! I know that is what everyone is saying. but seriously, wow! i'm super impressed. congrats jess! in one of the pictures you can tell that you are totally your mother's daughter. are you guys in utah now?

Lisa said...

You are awesome, Jess! I love your "under two hours" (<2) sign with Keven and your picture and description of you throwing your shirt to Keven. I don't think I'll ever run that kind of a race, so I'm in awe of you, and so proud of you for training so much and reaching your goal.

Jessica said...

oh man, youre amazing! you did such a good job. running a half marathon is one of my goals in life, i'm glad you had such a good experience and totally kicked butt! look so lean and ripped! running does that to a person huh? well, "wow" like everyone else, seriously! lol

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