Thursday, April 22, 2010

Go Jazz!

Bruce (Keven's Dad) has season tickets to the Jazz games. They are always so much fun to go to! Every season (since Kev and I have been married) we have gone to a couple. Since I didn't get up here until March, I hadn't gone to any yet. The last game of the season was on Wed. April 14th (last week) vs the Phoenix Suns. It was such a huge game and we were so excited to go! Bruce, Keven, me, Dana, Bryan and Tyler all went to the game and we had a blast! Before the game, we had a VIP dinner and it was so good!! Bruce (father in law), Dana (sis in law), Bryan (bro in law) and Tyler (friend).Right before the game started and we were going to our seats.During the game Bryan saw in the distance John Stockton. It was pretty sweet to see him. He was there for the tribute of Larry H. Miller. When I was looking in the distance, I saw this man! Do you know who that is?! Yes, it's true....Elder Dallin H. Oaks and his wife! I knew it right when he sat down! The people next to him obviously did not know that he was an apostle!
So during half time, because Bruce had the VIP passes, we were able to go down to the banquet room and they had half time treats! Nachos and Popcorn and soda! It was wonderful! On our way out, I had to take a picture "with" Elder Oaks. you see him looking up?! :) After half time, him and his wife weren't there anymore so I am glad I took a picture "with" him before! Thanks Bruce for such an awesome time! AND GUESS WHAT?!!! TOMORROW NIGHT...PLAYOFF GAME #3....WE ARE GOING!! THANK YOU BRUCE!!


The Ward Family said...

Fun! Your hair looks cute. He looks like an apostle with his suit on! He's one of my favorite apostles. Cool u got to see him

Kade and Kaylee said...

I love going to basketball games too! I went to the last Jazz vs. Suns game when they played here in Phoenix. The buffet dinners at the game are so yummy, huh!! Oh & in answer to your question, yes my sister lives in Arizona too! She lives about an hour away from me still, but I'm glad I have some family at least that close! How are you liking living in Utah again?

Anonymous said...

So fun...and I love your hair. Makes me think about goin completely blonde again. See u soon.

Bill and Terry said...

You two are totally adorable...we love seeing pictures of you together having fun...Seriously, you are going to have beautiful babies someday...!!
Miss you!

Kristin Milius said...

Poor Jazz..:( GOOOO LAKERS!! :)