Monday, April 19, 2010

Last two weeks of training

So although I already did my half marathon (a post is soon to come!) I just had to put my last 2 weeks of training times on this so I will remember for the future.
4/5- 6 miles in 54.07 minutes
4/6- 6 miles in 55.29 minutes
4/7- off
4/8- 8 miles in 76.51 minutes
4/9- off
4/10-14 miles in 2 hour 4 minutes (wanted to take it easy on my last Saturday run so I didn't run as fast and didn't run the full 16 miles like I was suppose to! oops!) :)
4/11- off
4/12-off (because I wanted to be!) :)
4/13- 6 miles in 55.40 minutes
4/14- off
4/15-8 miles in 73.26 minutes (I was REALLY dreading this run! It took me 4 hours of stalling to finally do it!)

So there you go....the last two weeks before my exciting day on the 17th!! Post to come....get's pretty exciting! :)


Heidi (Todd) Broberg said...

Good job! That is exciting! You will do great!

Sundbergs said...

Nice job. Good luck