Monday, April 19, 2010

Another Boy!

For those of you that don't know, my sister Jenn is pregnant again! We are so excited! I actually found out from Jocelynn who said, "Mommy has a baby in her belly!" It was pretty funny when she first told us! This pregnancy was a lot different for Jenn then with Jocelynn. Kev and I always felt like she would be having a boy and we were so excited for that! :) Jocelynn and Jordyn are the only neices in my family...the other 9 were boys! Although this added another boy to the mix, it was even more exciting that Jenn and James could experience life with a boy! :) We absolutely love all of our nieces and nephews and are so excited for another one to be rough and tough with! (hope you don't mind Jenn and James!) So Jenn could have found out on March 11th what she was having, but wanted something a little special. With Easter coming up, she wanted to wait until then! It was so much fun! She had the doctor put the sex in an Easter egg. She actually had him put it in 3 different eggs so she could give Kev and me, my sister Jamie who lives in Wyoming, and she would open one in CA. So come Easter day....we had our egg....And opened it in the car...

Kev was laughing because it wasn't even our kids, but I was taking all these pictures! Thanks for making us another aunt and uncle Jenn and James! Carter James Ward is going to be so handsome!! Baby count in the Kirk family = Neices 2 Nephews 10 :)

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