Sunday, April 4, 2010

Training for a half marathon!

Well for those of you that don't know...I'm signed up for a half marathon! It is in Salt Lake on April 17th. I have always thought about doing one, but I didn't want my body to be hurting. I would rather run 4 miles until I am 80 then 3 marathons (or halfs) a year and not be able to walk when I am 40! sister in law, Dana, was signed up for it and Kev said, "You've always wanted to do it. It will be an accomplishment you can check off your list. One half marathon won't kill you." Luckily, I still have no desire to do a full marathon, but this half marathon training has been awesome. I have really surprised myself (and I think Kev too!) I thought it would take awhile to get use to the altitude here in Utah. I have read that it usually takes 5-8 weeks to get use to it when running. Well I arrived here February 28th and started my training the next day at 6 miles. I have been keeping track of my times and some days are obviously better than others. I never thought I would be able to hit the kind of times that I have been. I can't imagine training for 18 weeks like some people do. After 5 weeks of training, I have just wanted to race already! So far, I have felt great and have never felt real pain anywhere. Below are my 5 weeks of training and I'll post the final 2 weeks before the race. I didn't know if it was attainable, but I wanted my goal to be 9-10 minute miles for the 13.1 miles race. I thought I would start off there in the beginning and see how it goes. Now my goal is to complete it under 2 hours. Let's hope I can hit it!
3/1- 6 miles at 61.27 minutes
3/2- 3 miles at 28.12 minutes
3/4-6 miles at 58.58 minutes
3/5-3 miles at 26.37 minutes
3/6- 7 miles at 69.03 minutes
3/7- off
total miles 1st week= 25 miles

3/8- 6 miles at 57.00 minutes
3/9- 4 miles at 36.28 minutes
3/10- off
3/11- 6 miles at 56.28 minutes
3/12- 3 miles at 26.10 minutes
3/13- off
3/14- off
total miles 2nd week = 19 miles
*I was suppose to run on the 13th but we were watching the nephews and niece that weekend while my sister was at the hospital.

3/15-8 miles at 79.18 minutes
3/16- 5 miles at 45.27 minutes
3/17- off
3/18- 10 miles at 87.15 minutes
3/19- 4 miles at 34.49 minutes
3/20- off
3/21- off
total miles of 3rd week = 27 miles
*I was suppose to run 10 miles on the 20th, but was snowmobiling. So I decided to run it on the 18th instead!

3/22- 5 miles at 50.09 minutes
3/23- 5 miles at 45.25 minutes
3/24- off
3/25- 7 miles at 63.20 minutes
3/26- 4 miles at 33.26 minutes
3/27- 12 miles at 124.04 minutes (4 miles UP HILL might I add!)
total miles of 4th week = 33 miles

3/29-6 miles at 56.44 minutes
3/30- 5 miles at 45.25 minutes
3/31- off
4/1- 8 miles at 75.59 minutes
4/2- off (went to Kev's mission reunion)
4/3- DRUM ROLL PLEASE.....14 MILES (half marathon is only 13.1 miles but my training has me go over!) SO I did my half marathon already...13.1 miles in 115.40 minutes!!! (that's 1 hour 55 minutes and 40 seconds!) I completed the full 14 miles in 129.45 minutes. and yes...I smelt like I just ran 14 miles also!:)

So I really hope that I can keep it up! Let's see how this next week goes. Next Saturday, I have to run 16 miles!!


The Hardy's said...

Good job! You will def. come in under 2 hours for your race....especially with all of the adreniline pumping through your system! I have to say...half marathons are soooo much more FUN than a full marathon! I have done one full, and think I will stick to just halfs because its so much easier on the body! Best of luck for your race! Its just right around the corner!

greydawn said...

you sound so ready! when I ran my first and only 1/2 I had only trained up to 8 miles and that was not good~you on the other hand are super ready and will do great! I just ran my first 26.2 a few weeks ago it was super fun I bet you will do one next because you are already almost there in your training! Good Luck and have fun!!

The Ward Family said...

Good JOb Jess! I look forward to doing this ater the baby comes to get me back in shape. Good luck!

Heidi (Todd) Broberg said...

Your doing GREAT! That is so funny I have been trying to find any suckers willing to do the 1/2 here in June. So if you are up for it, the 12 people I emailed, I only got 2 maybes, so I just started my other runs this last week and so far am all hoo...When I did my full marathon I had a whole group I ran with and it was a blast, but TONS of training and work. But since you will already be in SUPER shape you will be able to do it easily, yeah?!

But are you living in Utah now or Cali?

Jill Duncan said...

Way to go Jess!!! I want to run in a half marathon some day too, but for now I'm good just running in 5K's. I'm excited to see how you do!

Anonymous said...

You need to run a full marathon...

Melissa + Brett said...

Hope you had a good run today! I've only done one and am itching to do another!