Sunday, March 28, 2010

Snowmobiling in Island Park!

I can't believe another year has past!! Last year was the first year we went snowmobiling in Island Park, ID (near Yellowstone on the Montana side) at Uncle Mike's cabin (Keven's uncle.) I think we are going to start it as an annual event. It was so much fun and this time my parents got to come with us!! It was fun to have them experience the adventure with us! We got there Friday night (March 19th) and left Sunday after church (March 21st). This was Friday night...we got a nice game of Yahtzee in! :) This season's snow was so much different then last season! We couldn't believe that there was about 4 feet less then last year!! We lucked out because this was the last day we could have rented the snowmobiles from the place we do. Last year we went out at 8 am because the powder was ridiculous..which meant we got stuck a whole lot!! This time, we went out at noon. Even though we didn't go out as long, we still had a blast!! It was such a nice day! Here's my parents getting suited up!
On our way to rent the snowmobiles. We were excited!
Right before we went you can see, there wasn't that much snow on the ground near the place. Once we got to the mountains there was still a lot of snow!

At the top of the mountain. It was gorgeous!
Mi padre and me!

Mi madre and myself
Kev walking around...even though there wasn't as much snow as last time, there was still parts that were deep. Keven's almost to his knees in snow right here.
On our lunch break...we came down from the top of the mountain and just rode around on the open terrain. My cousins (by marriage) Jeneca, me and Breanna

PB & J is really good cold, Hence Kev's smiley face. :)
There were 16 of us and 11 snowmobiles. (some had doubles and others had singles)

Kev and Bry taking a break

Some of the bunch...

Mom, Dad, Kev and Me
The Todd Men...Bry, Bruce and Kev

My dad throwing a "gang sign"...haha..we didn't know what kind of gang he was in. :)

I love that little house in the back. I think it's "planted" there for pictures.
After we were done snowmobiling, we went back to the cabin, went hot tubbing and just enjoyed each other's company and watched some movies. Thanks Uncle Mike and Aunt Sue for letting us enjoy the cabin with you! We had a blast and we are looking forward to next year!!

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April and Wes said...

Your dad is obviously in some sort of Star Trek gang. :) Hope your liking Utah. I have never snow mobiled and it looks so dang fun.