Sunday, March 14, 2010

Ryker James Liechty is born!!!

My sister, Jamie, was pregnant with her 5th child. (4 boys and 1 girl) She is the most active woman (besides my mom) that I know! She teaches dance, goes to school, has church callings, cleans, cooks and plays with her kids. She is such a great mom. With us living in Utah now, we only live about 2 1/2 hours away from her. We had it planned that I would take off work on Friday and come up for the weekend to watch the other 4 kids (her due date was on the 14th so we figured he would come early.) Anyway, I get a call from Jamie on Tuesday saying that she went to the doctors and she was dilated to almost a 4 and 70% effaced! I couldn't believe she was already dilated that much! I guessed the baby would come early Friday morning. Wednesday, she taught her 2 hour dance class, walked for 45 minutes, vacuumed, cleaned, made dinner and got the kids off to bed. She called me Thursday afternoon and she was fine and feeling like nothing was different! She said she doesn't know what else she could do to get the baby coming. We were still planning on coming out then though. Then at 5:30 pm she called to tell me her contractions were about 10 minutes apart (but they were like that earlier in the week so she thought they may go away.) Kev had a basketball game Thursday night. Jamie called me at 8:30pm and told me he's here!! I couldn't believe it!! She said her contractions got to 3 minutes and she went to the hospital at 7:00pm and was already dilated to an 8! 10 minutes later she was a 9, water broke, and then came the baby at 8:06pm! We couldn't believe how fast he came!! We left Friday morning and went to the hospital first. We just LOVE being an Aunt and Uncle!! Here's the cute little guy!! Ryker James Liechty was born Thursday March 11th at 8:06pm 7lbs 12 oz and 20 1/2 inches long! He is so dark and has the perfect amount of hair!! :)Proud Uncle KevenThe Liechty bunch. Tell me Jamie doesn't look amazing!? (Chad, please change shirts!) :)The kids love Ryker so much. It's so funny!Chillin at the hospitalJamie had to stay at the hospital until Saturday night...when Chad and Jamie came home...we all went crazy with excitement! :) Sunday morning This is definitely my favorite picture of Ryker! He is so dang cute!
So happy for the Liechty Family and the newest addition!! This is the 9th nephew (and 2 nieces) for 11 total! (plus another one due in July, YAY!)

I have to give a shout out to Jaeger too!!! He turned 3 on March 9th and is so cute and full of energy! We love you Jaeg!!