Sunday, November 8, 2009

Where did October go?!

I know..I am lagging. But I have good reason: Moving back to my parents house in Corona the beginning of October, not having internet for 2 weeks or so and the biggest reason is getting up at 5:30am to go to work and not getting home until about 8:30pm. Really..would you want to blog after that? that I hope you have forgiven me...I combined most of the stuff that went down from the last time I blogged. First up...Jocelynn. In my previous blog I mentioned Joce had her 2nd birthday. Well...the following weekend she had her birthday party, Sat. October 10th. My sister did such a good job at planning it all. It was a "care bear" theme. Jocelynn loves the care bears (which is great because my sisters and I loved them too when we were little.) There was pin the smiley face on "funshine" bear, a coloring station, a play-doh station..and so much more!Joce opening her presents. Tyler (her cousin who is 9 months older then her) really wanted to see her opening her presents. Actually...if he had a choice, he would probably have opened all of them. It was so funny. He was in the zone. We got Joce the outfit she is wearing...isn't it so cute?!!Jenn made the rainbow as the entrance when the kids would come in. There was a bubble machine when they walked through. Jenn, being the cute little homemaker, made her cute cake too!Here's 3 of Joce's cousins. They were so funny. We were trying so hard to get them to be all cute and hug...but this is the shot we got. It looks like a mug shot. ha! If only you could hear how we were talking to them behind the camera! :)Cute little family! BTW..check out how cute her bow is?! Jenn didn't have one to match that outfit, so she made it!! (She sells them too if anyone wants more details!) :) This was hilarious. They were care bear masks! The little eyes were so funny. Aiden wore it on his head almost the whole party. As James put it, "He's wearing that thing like he's a gangster!" He defintely wore that bear with style! :)Tyler and Joce with all her care bears.

Well, the following Saturday, October 17th was the BYU vs. San Diego football game. We were able to get tickets (thanks Bro. Lee!) I was so happy to be able to go to that game...since I had to work earlier that day. We had great seats and it was such a beautiful day...and yes, we won! We missed you Kev! After the game, we went to Outback and it was SO good. It was a wonderful Double date. So I guess I should say, thanks for letting me tag along with you on your date mom and dad! :) This was just a cute pic of Jocelynn showing me her boo boo! :)Then Halloween!! To make this Halloween even better....Keven was here! YAY!! He flew in Friday night, October 30th. It was so wonderful to be with him this weekend! Friday we went to the temple and dinner and then Saturday we just hung out. That night some of the family came over and my mom made "brains and eyeballs" for dinner! (aka spaghetti and meatballs). The lettuce had fake flies in it...which sometimes looked real. Aiden even said, "do I really have to eat that?" The costumes were so cute! Aiden was the "strong" black spiderman, Tyler was buzz lightyear, and Jocelynn was cute as a cupcake! Literally...she was a cute cupcake! We loved watching Jocelynn walk in her costume! Look at her cute little legs! My sister made this! I loved the matching little cupcake bag to put her candy in! And she even made the bows in her hair that had cupcakes! So cute! Great Job Jenn!Nathan is the newest of the bunch..and he is just getting cuter by the minute!! He was "bones"...and wore it very well! :)This pic cracks me up. We were trying to get the three brothers together. Aiden was suppose to hold Nathan up, but he kept sinking and sinking. Ty just is the funniest! Look at that grin!Oh my wonderful hot husband! I love you Keven!That Sunday, November 1st, Nathan was being blessed. My brother, Jason did such an awesome job. I was so grateful Kev was able to be there for that. (Thanks Rach for some of these pics!) Look at Nathan's smile!! He must like us or something or...he let it loose on Kev's lap?! :) Such a beautiful family!!
Uncle Kev with Nathan

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Lisa said...

I know I told you I was going to bed, which I really should have, but now wondering if I should just stay up, since the baby is sure to wake up soon. Anyway, I'm glad you posted, because guess what the text I sent you today (that you never got) said? It said, "How are you doing? You haven't updated your blog forever!" Hahaha, you're such a mind reader!

Love you!