Monday, November 30, 2009

To My Love

Well I have been way behind...I'll update this a little later and it will explain why I have been busy to do posts. But I couldn't let today pass without telling my wonderful husband, Mr. Keven Todd, Happy Birthday!!! I love you so much Kev and even though we aren't together on this day, I really hope you know how much I love you and admire you in so many ways. You are my everything and I can't wait to be in your arms again. Until then...I hope you had an awesome 27th birthday! Yours forever..Jess

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Anonymous said...

hey jess!! Finally put your email (from my wallet a few Sundays ago) in my address book and spent some time checking out your blog! A belated birthday to Kevin. What beautiful pictures of you two!!
Bet you can't wait to see each other. Are you going there?

We miss you guys! Please stay in touch!!
Lorie bullard