Monday, July 20, 2009


Saturday, July 18th was so much fun! We went to the beach and man, what a beautiful day!!! We got some serious good boogie boarding going on also! Later that day, Jenn (my sis), James and Jocelynn came over. We love when they come to visit! We went to the OC fair! We did this last year and it's so close to our place that they just park and we walk. We love it! Here's right when we entered the fair! Exactly one year ago, we did the exact same thing! It was fun to see Jocelynn enjoy it also!
There was a petting zoo and I just loved it! We went inside and it was so hilarious! As soon as we walked in, a goat started chewing on jenn's string on her capris! it was all nasty green when she pulled it from his mouth! haha! sick! AND then there was this Llama! oh man...that thing was sick. and jenn does the best impression of it!! He seriously freaked us out because he was eye level. He would always sneak up behind us and stare at us and then start walking closer. ah! he was nasty freaky! ha! Then as soon as we would get down to take pictures of Jocelynn, the goats would get on our back. (not literally..but they were pretty close!) ANYWAY, I love that picture of Jocelynn. She kept squatting to look at the animals in it's eyes. so cute!

She was so excited and kept saying "Deer!"
Look at the cute little goats!
This guy was pretty cool. He juggled fire and did all sorts of cool things!
Even Jocelynn was interested! ha! Look at those cheeks! She was staring like a mad woman at that guy! I think it was the fire!
Oh my love is so hot!
Ha! Oh Keven!
Check out that hotdog! Bigger then Jocelynn's and James head!

I love this picture!!! What a happy family!
LOVE LOVE LOVE this picture! Jocelynn loves her french fries...AS DO I!!!

This was Keven's pride and joy. He absolutely loves cotton candy!

OH HOW I LOVE THESE TWO!!! Thanks Jenn and James! We had a blast!


Heidi (Todd) Broberg said...

SO FUN! We have been debating going again, we went on last year on opening day...and that looked fun, I think we may just have to do it.

The Ward Family said...

Oh that was so fun, definitely has become a tradition! I love Jocelynn's laugh in the last one.

Jessica said...

that sounds like a fun day...especially the llama, i would of been out of there lol joclyn's laugh in the last one was adorable!

Jessica said...

so josh and i are "prison break" addicts, but we wait til the season is order and watch them on dvd over a few days like a big movie...ANYWAY you always remind me of one of the main characters sara tankredi...don't know her real name but you guys look so much alike to me! crazy, just had to tell you :)