Thursday, July 30, 2009


Okay, so rarely do I ever have posts that don't have pictures, but I thought I would write about something that happened a couple weeks ago. Everytime I think about it, it makes me laugh! SO...Keven and I are total night owls. I mean, seriously. We go to bed at around 1am on average every night...and that's weekdays, not weekends! I've always been a night owl, but Keven's big reason to staying up late when you have to work the next day is that you have more "down time" to relax. So in the past, Kev has had some "fun" experiences with me sleeping. I am not always like this, but on certain days...I'm a little...well interesting I guess you would say.

When we were dating, we were obsessed with 24 and watched the seasons ALL the time. We were laying on the couch and I fell asleep. All I remember is waking up to myself.... screaming "BOMB!" I was so embarrassed and acted like I was awake that whole time so he didn't think I was crazy! I mean, everyone screams BOMB in the middle of the night watching a movie don't they?

When we were engaged, Keven lived in Utah for two months and I was in CA so we talked every night. I didn't want to hang up on him because I just wanted to hear his voice. But then soon after, Keven realized that he was talking to my phone rather than talking to me. I was out, once again. Then he would ask me a question and I would pretend that I knew what he was saying and totally didn't make sense, but I made sure he stayed on the phone with me. This happened more than once and I would wake up always with the phone in my hand!

When we were first married, I punched Keven in the face. Yup, that's right...We were sleeping and I rolled over and apparently my fist planted a nice one on my love's face. All I remember is waking up thinking "um...did I just do what I think I did?" And Keven of course thought that I was a freak and had to wear head gear to bed from then on. ((JK of course!))

So here we are... a little over 2 1/2 years into marriage and Keven experienced another fun escapade with my sleeping habits. It was a late night again. I actually went to bed before Kev and I was out. I mean, so out that he could have probably had a blow horn and I would've rolled over. (probably not that bad, but still.) Kev grabbed my hand to hold it as I was sleeping and what did I do? I started doing THUMB WAR! I guess I was really into it. So Kev asked, "um, are you playing me thumb war right now?!" And what was my obvious response? "Yes!" and that was that. He laughed and knew I was out of it. The next day he asks if I remember anything from the night before and of course I was clueless. Maybe next time he'll play me chess?!


Rachel Glenn said...

ahahhahaa! I love it... you a such a dork.... when I read the word "thumb," it immediately took me back to the word "knuckle" which for some reason in seminary one day, we thought was the funniest word ever.

Sheryl said...

so you are even adorable in your sleep! Lucky Keven!

Jessica said...

hahahahahahah that is hilarious! that post definetly didn't even need a picture, so funny!

Lillies said...

LOL!! You two have so much fun together!! Even sleeping is an adventure for you guys!! Where are you guys living these days? We heard rumor of a move...fact or fiction?
Aloha Nui Loa Kev and Jess!!
We sure miss you guys!

The Ward Family said...

Oh yes. I believe it. Pretty soon you'll be talking Chinese like you would when u were little. You're so funny.

Melissa + Brett said...

That is HILARIOUS! I can remember many nights falling asleep with Brett on the phone and having similar experiences. It is so funny! Who has a thumb war in their sleep though?