Sunday, July 12, 2009


Thursday, July 2nd, Keven and I headed up to Utah for our Kirk Family reunion in Logan, UT. (Our old stomping grounds) We got up there Friday morning and spent the next couple days with our good friends, Lisa, Tyson and Sawyer. Friday, the 3rd, we went to Tyson's parents house and had a wonderful BBQ. Then Saturday, 4th of July, Keven's parents and sister came up from Roosevelt to spend time with us. It was a lot of fun. We went to the movies and out to eat. 4th of July evening, there was this huge old classic car parade. It was so awesome! We didn't get to see the parade because our movie was at that time, but when we got out, Main Street on Logan was CRAZY! Everyone was outside in their lawn chairs and couches with music playing and everyone driving up and down Main street. it was a lot of fun, and I got to see a more "gangter" side of my dearest Mother In Law, Carla. "Yo yo yo" right Carla?! :) Anyway, we spent the night with them....then they left Sunday evening and we went to my Grandma Gloria's. Our Family reunion was starting on Monday, but some of the family members starting coming in Sunday night.We stayed at the dorms at Utah State University. It brought back so many memories for Keven and I, and of course, we had to have some Aggie Ice Cream. Coldstone has nothing on Aggie Ice Cream. If it didn't melt...I would definitely order it from there! Grandma Gloria has had her daycare for 25 years called "Grandma's Place." So she has all the fun "kid" stuff...remember those things in elementary?Aunt Julie and myself. (She lives in Alaska)Dad and his sisters...Aunt Karen and Aunt JulieDylan and Kev. They love each other so's so cute! Dylan would always want to be around Kev. Monday we all got together, played some serious games of Volleyball, games, pizza, and movies!Tuesday, we got our wonderful shirts. My Grandma designed them and my Uncle David helped. It was so sweet. It was called "Great Roots Make Strong Trees." If you look close, the trunk is my grandparents, the first branches are their kids, then the little branches are the grandkids and the leaves are the great grandchildren. The roots have the names of just some of the "greats." It goes back to my "great great greats!" My Uncle David has this huge sign of all of my ancestors. I think it went back like 17 generations or so. It was unbelievable. It really made me think of how special families are. Here's my dad, Uncle John, Uncle David, Aunt Karen, Grandma Gloria and Aunt Julie. Uncle Kim, the oldest, passed away about 15 years ago from Lou Gherigs disease. And Aunt Gloria Kay died at birth. Not everyone was there, but we are so grateful for those that were. Here's some of my side of the family. We are actually missing 9 others. We missed you guys!Here's Grandpa Ray and Grandma Gloria. They crack us up. Ray is 84, but you never would know it because of his "kid nature." When I lived with them for a couple semesters, we would dance, sing and Ray would run around the place during Halloween with a scary mask on scarying Grandma. It was so funny. My Grandma Gloria is so beautiful. She is 76 and just the sweetest thing ever. She loves to dance and just loves life! Anyone that has met her, most likely got a huge hug and kisses. She is so loving and I am so grateful to have been able to spend time with her while going to school up there. Here's just some of her grandkids. I think she is missing 10 here. Grandma Gloria is a hardcore red head. I say "hard core" because she has much pride in her hair color! She wanted a picture of the "red heads." Jocelynn looked so cute with her piggies, sunglasses and leggings! I love the "off the shoulder" look. :)Here's just a few of the great grandchildren. She has 18 great grandchildren (almost 19). I love lil Jaeger's hand in his pocket and his hand on his face. Little stud!!!

Tuesday, after lunch and volleyball was the water events. We had some little pools and water guns and balloons. There was also a slip and slide. It was pretty small for the adults, but we all wanted to do it still. My Uncle David was probably the best. It was his turn to go and he dove on the slide. Well, the slide went with him and went into this little ball. It was so hilarious and I think he knocked the wind out of himself. We didn't get that part on video, but I did get the aftermath. Gotta love dad's laugh! :)
Tuesday night was "talent show." Jordyn was awesome and did a dance to "Hannah Montana." She had this cute costume also. She did so good! We all did something different and it was so awesome!We left Wednesday afternoon. It was so nice to see those that we did. The last time we got together was 6 years ago and before that, probably about 10 or so. We are hoping to get together in 2 years from now!


Sundbergs said...

I love when family gets together. ANd how fun to have the whole family together. looks like fun

Dana and Bryan Todd said...

Looks like you had a blast! Thats so awesome your family got that many people together!