Saturday, February 14, 2009

Slumber Party with Jocelynn!

Well, as my sister put it..."I'm lagging on blogging..." so I thought I would start where I left off. The end of January was such a special weekend for us. It was our brother in law, James birthday on the 27th. My sister Jenn wanted to do something special for him and so that weekend she surprised him with a get away to stay at the Disneyland Hotel and to spend time alone, just the two of them. I am SO happy that we were able to spend so much time with Jocelynn. We love her so much and she did SO good! Jenn and James came after work on Friday (Jan. 30th). Keven had to run some errands and so me and Joce got in her stroller and went on a walk to Vons. I loaded her stroller with fishies, blankets, babies, and water. She was in heaven. ha! We walked a couple blocks and when we got to Vons I took her out to walk around. She was a crack up. I almost forgot why we went because we were laughing and having so much fun in the store! So eventually we got back and ate dinner and got her ready for bed. She took a bath and we watched "signing times." We then read and when I put her down...well she was pissed. haha...(to put it so bluntly!) She cried for a bit, but I think it's healthy for her and her lungs :). She eventually fell asleep and slept from 8:30pm to 6:30am!! For her first sleep over she did AWESOME! Here she is while we were watching signing times. She was loving life (which made Keven and I very happy!)Here she is when she was about to fall asleep. She was so comfortable with all of her blankets!This was in the morning. We had so much fun and she ate so much! 3 eggs, yogurt, muffin, and some cheerios! Jenn and James came back around 2 or so on Saturday. We wanted them to stay longer, but I think for the first time away from her, they did pretty good! :) Jenn said they went to Disneyland and to the movies and got to sleep in and got room service! I was so happy they were able to do all that! When they came back they gave Joce her presents. She loves jewelery, especially necklaces and bracelets so they got her a princess one! Then they got her the little disneyland characters. She puts them all in her purse! :) Oh by the way....that coffee table is crap! She totally slipped and banged her face on it! She was crying, I was crying, and Keven was...laughing. haha, jk. I felt so bad, but of course our house isn't child proof. I, of course, didn't tell Jenn and James when they called to see how everything was going....but as soon as they came I covered her face and said, so we have to tell you she had an accident....I mean, i couldn't let them walk in and see her black eye! It was so sad! Luckily babies don't hold grudges!So we decided to make it a night and we went to Red Robbin...the BOMBEST place in the world!! Man, it's so good you better believe those fries started coming as soon as we sat down! After we ate, we headed over to Dave and Busters. Thanks to Grandma we have the etertainment books that gave us buy $10 get $10 free for games. We had never been there was a blast! It was seriously like chuckie cheese on steriods! The below are some of the games that we LOVED!
This one was crazy and eventually got me so dizzy! I had to shoot the bad guys and that big yellow thing would spin.
This was a tennis game that Keven and James played over and over. As you can see...even the grandma in the back loved it!
Oh man, this game was addicting! haha...It was so funny! It was like an electronic jump rope and it would get faster and faster. We were all chanting "go go go go" when the person would jump over it. SO MUCH FUN!

Of course the boys had to get some basketball in!!! THanks Jenn and James and Jocelynn for hanging out that weekend! We absolutely loves having Jocelynn spend the night...let's do it again!


Jennifer said...

She is so sweet and ADORABLE!

The Ward Family said...

We had a great time. Thanks again!

Sundbergs said...

What an awesome sister you are. I bet Jocelynn had an awesome time.

Kipn n' Sarah said...

I LOVE babysitting my nieces and am always SO SAD to see them go! Glad you had a good time and that all went well. Dave & Busters looks like it was a blasty!

Ashley Jones said...

Jess! Looks like you are keeping busy!!!!!! Man I think you and your husband are just the cutest couple in the world! Miss seeing you around!!!