Sunday, January 25, 2009


Friday, January 23rd was our nephew, Tyler's 2nd birthday! He is such a sweet little boy! (all who know Ty is probably laughing right now!) Tyler has such a hilarious personality! He is such a very active boy and loves to have fun and get into things! He is so full of life and has a cute little deep voice! He is full of adventure whether he is using his little chair to climb on the counters or jump head first off of any bed...he is a very daring boy! We definitely have to keep our eye on him when he's around! :) We love you so much Ty! Happy Birthday! On Saturday, Rachel and Jason (my brother and sister in law) had a birthday party for Ty at my parent's house. Here Ty is getting very excited to eat the cake! We are all singing happy birthday, and he even started singing it to himself! My mom kept moving the cake back and forth to see where Ty was looking at and he would not stop staring at the cake. He absolutely LOVES sweets especially "tondy" which is "candy." :)
My brother Jason, Ty, and my sister in Rachel. (Notice the tight grip on that sucker!)
For Tyler's birthday, he got some cowboy boots! I know..COWBOY BOOTS!! Who would have ever thought that MY brother would get his son COWBOY BOOTS!! They are the cutest things EVER!! They have camoflauge on it too. SO CUTE!

Ty got a scooter and was in the zone riding this thing! Every kid wanted to ride it!

When it wasn't raining, we ran outside to do the pinata. It was so funny. This is Aiden, Ty's older brother.

Jason holding the pinata
Ty LOVED the pinata! He always wanted a turn. It was so funny (and kind of sad) because when candy would fall out, Ty would run to grab the candy and some older kid would take it as soon as he would try grabbing it. Then of course he would run away crying, then try to get some more candy and the same thing kept happening. It was kind of funny...sorry, yes, we laughed. :) Then we gave him candy! :) This is the bat that Tyler busted my brother's lip with. Yes, we love Ty! :)

This was just you can tell by the picture. Jason and Rachel sat all the kids down and gave them these funny glasses. Jocelynn would not take them off. ha!
Aiden kept saying "ha! I am Mr. Potatoe Head! ha!"

We love spending time with family!! It's so much fun having all the kids around!!


The Ward Family said...

Yes it is and I love those pictures with the glasses! SO fun.

Darin and Betsy said...

I love spending time with my family, especially my little nephews! Kids make things more fun! I am glad the birthday party went so well!

David said...

Jess, what's up? That's crazy that you found our blog. It looks like everything is going well for you two. Keep in touch.

The Ward Family said...

You're lagging on your posts! 3 weeks? :)